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Tradebit, Inc.
3422 Old Capital Trail
Suite 717
19808-6192 Delaware (DE)


We are officially registered under the DMCA in the US.
For all requests regarding copyright and
regional distribution rights,
please contact us via eMail.

Support E-Mail: tickets(at)
Telefax: +1-480-275-3582
EIN: 20-3705784

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company information in english follows below

We work from 2 locations to sell your digital goods. In Wilmington, Delaware and in Frankfurt a.M. Germany. For support issues, please always use our email addresses.

Please remember, we are a shop hosting platform. We do not know much about the products, which are sold here. Please do always contact the seller, if you have questions about the product.

The rules we follow
We have 2 major legal documents online, which play a role in doing business with us:
TERMS & CONDITIONS and our PRIVACY POLICY. You might want to check these out, before doing business with us.

Who we are
Tradebit Inc. is a 100% privately held company and focussing on digital goods and online promotions. We are truly Internet-driven and prefer to write good code on various backend systems.

Tradebit Inc. was formed at the end of 2004 by Ralf Schwoebel. The german holding Tradebit AG was formed in 2006. With the formation of the new company we have found additional help in Professor Michael Rotert and financial advice in the investment group around Dr. Stephan Hess out of New York City, who is head of our advisory board.

The shares of Tradebit Inc. were transferred into the newly formed Tradebit AG. Tradebit, Inc. is fully operated out of the US.

What we do
We serve files and provide additional services around that. We keep pace with the fast-moving internet world since 1995 and we satisfy our customers. is an unique platform developed from scratch with PHP and MySQL on RedHat Linux for your file hosting and distribution needs.

We proudly team up with:
Softlayer - this is the hoster where all the traffic goes.

We are hosting in Texas, USA and Amsterdam, Netherlands. We distribute your content worldwide via top-notch networks!