How to identify fraudulent mails and sites

Since we went online with tradebit in January 2005, we have tried to write useful articles about file hosting, software distribution and online sales. That brought us some nice news coverage and a few thousand users every day. Nevertheless that also brought up a lot of shady creatures, who try to use our forum to post their latest medical spam (i did not take the blue pill :-) ) or even try to sniff out the passwords of our users. This is very annoying and there is not much you can do about it.

Just keep in mind, that strange email about your account will always try to get you clicking an URL in that mail. Do not do that! It is a pain and not very convenient, but type in the URL you want to check.

Today I got another “bill” from ebay with a document attached : invoice.pdf.exe

Clearly a virus!

Because these idiots are always renewing their codes and looks in the fraudulent emails, it could catch you in a bad moment and you click it… well, just get the habit to never open that stuff and install your latest anti-virus program.

I have already pointed out, that there is a nice FREE program to use, which keeps you up to date and you do not have to worry about any technology issues – just point and click and stay safe!