Bandwidth, users and the nexgen Internet

The only issues we can have here at tradebit (besides the legal fights with piracy users) are bandwidth related. We see some users from universities or other institutions, who actually seem have more bandwidth on their desktop, than we in our backbone. Tradebit is connected with a 100 MBit/s connection to one of the biggest hosting companies in the US: ev1servers. Featuring big fiber hooks with the major backbones of the net in the states.

A good and solid setup to start a file hosting company, one could think, but before we introduced our “learning mirror” system, we saw some peaks in traffic especially for movies and house/techno sets, some of 100 MB in size or more. We are used to heavy traffic, used to 10,000 of users requesting a HTML page with some pictures or texts on it, but facing a hord of data hungry techno junkies with DSL connections at home is a different game.

While we have been working on the infrastructure in the past weeks to fix any issues and to lower the peaks on the system, I have been thinking a lot about the future of the net for the advanced users and early adopters: probably you, reading this!

I am not sure, if the broad audience of high bandwidth users will be able to enjoy their brand new DSL connection, if the other side of the internet will stay on their simple 10 MBit connections. I doubt that the “Internet backbone”, which still consists of many small providers, hooking you up with 100 MBit in their back is ready for the next generation of users coming.

I just ordered by bloody cheap 6 MBit/s DSL connection at home from the Deutsche Telekom – a new offer you can not resist: 50 US$/month for a full speed hook up: Let’s see, who will be able to serve me, when I surf by :-)

But seriously: Users are upgrading – is the backbone ready? Right now it lives from the fact, that the hord of high-bandwidth users is small and they get lost on millions of servers.