New cool things before December, 1st!

A new week has started and the sign-up fee of 4.95 that we introduced last week does obviously help to keep the warez and nonsense files out – at least for now! We are now confident enough to announce a few new things which have already been implemented or will be within the next 7 working days:

With the new sign-up fee we have also identified a few new partners, who will help us with the content growth on tradebit and the sorting – now that the risk of attracting illegal files goes down tremendously. I will introduce these partners formally by end of the year.

Also new and cool: we will roll out around 3 Mio. products on the catalog. Hopefully until Thursday – if not then it will be Monday the 30th of November! We have been enhancing the tradebit hardware platform with 4 new monster servers. All with 8 Gig of RAM and some additional storage to cope with this crazy amount of products!

Once that is finished, we will officially start with the Italian version of Tradebit on

We are currently finishing up some products and texts and you may add your italian description on mytradebit to your files already. You have to switch into the power admin mode to do so!

The roll-out shall happen before the 15th of December. I am very excited about that and we will cater then to 4 different major languages around the globe.

Until then I recommend to follow me on Twitter, if need faster status reports of our work. I will not blog too often in the next 10 days to get all the new things in place!