Italian version before Christmas

We are in high velocity of implementing new stuff on tradebit. The last weeks have been rather crazy with Christmas season picking up… (Christmas party, anyone?) – especially the new import of over 3 million new MP3 files have put extra load on our servers and sales are picking up in that genre, too!

With a new partner in Italy we do prepare an Italian version of tradebit and it should be finished before the 15th of December – so in about 10 days, maybe earlier!

If you are logged in, you already see the italian tabs in the EDIT page when in power mode!

Until we can switch on that part of the site we have to finish up with some new features – among those a listing page of all groups on tradebit. Many artists and merchants create groups for their files and these groups are currently ONLY listed on the subdomains of the merchants. I think it is time to bring those groups to the front, there are so many cool groups!

Also requested: the basket to fill and save. I am currently working on a method to save a basket with a little text, so you may also promote such baskets from your pages, if you like! Martin has also some basket ideas he wants to implement in the next weeks.

So: stay tuned for the next steps! All major changes will be announced here!