Tradebit System Update in April 2010

The last major update of the storage and webserver infrastructure behind this platform happened about 2 years ago. Since then all work was directed to the interface and the features behind it. Now we are filling up almost 30 Terabytes of data behind Tradebit for over 20,000 active merchant accounts. Some are very busy uploading and selling. Over 20 sellers are signing up freshly per day.

This infrastructure is now almost at its limit. Last week we signed up a new partner who will sell almost a Terabyte of data alone. That will bring the storage systems close to full and the speed this site grows does even seem to increase every day.

So I just ordered a complete new infrastructure with ThePlanet which will be ready to work on around the 7th of April. Then we have 2 weeks to move the whole site over to the new setup.

During that time you will see a closed member area for some hours and we will try to make the move as smooth as possible – just be aware that there will be heavy work going on!

Once we are on the new boxes we have doubled everything – massive RAM updates, massive new storage systems with Terabytes in attached storage networks (some call it cloud), more search servers and a brand new MySQL cluster with top notch machines and some new fail-over setup I have developed.

The frontend servers will be updated to brand new (evil and mean) fast big boxes – also in a load-balanced setup.

Until then, we will continue to improve the code and react to your feature requests and bug reports – so keep them coming. I will let everybody know in time, when the move starts!