Updates on payout, development and state of life

Busy days! We have started with the code changes in the back and it is really a lot of things to clean up, improve and change… The new layout will come with some extra features or things we have changed in the back!

Anyhow – there are some administrative topics to touch today, before I dive back into the code of the new tradebit:

  • Stability: We had some issues with server stability after a heavy traffic surge during today. It seems that search engines, users and merchants coincidentally came all at once. With Bing, Google, Yandex, Yahoo and other spiders, that killed one frontend cache today. Not sure why really, but some might saw a “can not access tradebit” for about 15 minutes, before the system healed itself.
  • Payout: After the credit card payments have been heavily abused by criminals over and over again we had to react and put some accounts on hold. Also a lot of new accounts who uploaded copyright material have been found and deleted. Any potentially connected accounts were put on hold, too. So, todays payout will cover again like 90% of outstanding transfers, but not all. You might contact me, if you have questions about that.

As soon as the first round is on its way, I will put a forums post live… stay tuned while we prepare everything.