Google Play and competition

I normally do not blog about competition or companies we are fighting for traffic with, but I think not talking about Google or iTunes would be paranoid, even along my standards ;-) – they are doing things differently and have done a lot of good for the “download market” so far. Yet, I am not too amused to see the US version of Google Play going live and promoting eBooks and Music, too.

The search results are overcrowded with YouTube videos already in that field and I am just waiting for the next addition to the Google results that makes small music vendors obsolete: you’ll hit “lady gaga karaoke” and get a Google Play result first – wait and see!

So far, Google Play does only target the US market (territorial rights are a b*tch, aren’t they Google?) so other countries see something different. No need to say: if you want to sell globally OR get your downloads unrestricted from the same sources (Ingram Digital, 7digital for Sony Music, etc.) you can do so here ;-)

Here is, how Google Play looks in the US:

So I suspect that to go live globally as soon as they have acquired the global rights for the eBooks and the music. This is clearly an action against iTunes. I just wonder: Where is Microsoft? “Bing Things” would be my favourite and (wait for it) we could help B-).