Short outage of product storage scheduled…

Dear users, merchants and affiliates! We have to switch off one of our storage engines in the back to replace faulty hardware. This will happen on Tuesday, 26th of November 2013 at 11.30am Dallas, TX local time. We expect that outage to be brief (less than 30 minutes) and pages will still be partially delivered. However, a delivery of around 33% of all products will not be possible in that time frame.

short outage expected

We apologize for potential problems, but this is hopefully the last step of recovering from the big outage late October, where we had to switch the platform off for around 4 hours. All hardware has now been replaced and we are resuming standard operations in the background.

As far as the feedback from our users have been: nobody realized that tradebit was running in emergency states in between, so that plan worked at least!