Google Checkout active, affiliate rates go up!

Just a short heads up on the changes we have rolled out the last days:

  • Payment via Google Checkout is now available for any merchant: Just get yourself a Google Checkout account and copy the ID and access key over to your profile page on Tradebit. You can now sell directly from your pages with that!
  • Some merchants already found it: Also on the profile page is an input field for your affiliate payments. This is the percentage you give to your resellers, if they promote your files on tradebit. There are merchants out who give 40% or more commissions! Traffic is already up significantly and we will add more servers next week to cope with the growth!
  • Direct sales from your pages are now priced 7.5% for handling. Please remember that! An email will land in your inbox on the 2nd of January.

We are now ready for the Christmas season and will start to promote the related files on tradebit – stay tuned for more updates!