Back from A4Uexpo

From Monday to Thursday I have been in Amsterdam to visit the a4uexpo and to celebrate the Queens Day with the dutch webmasters and other internet marketeers.

Some very respected SEOs were talking about online marketing issues, link building and the impact of social media on our daily (work) life.

Among them Dave Naylor, who talked about brand management for your sites. When he talked he forgot to take a glass of water to the podium, so I brought him one. He promised me a link for that… :-) lets see if that is gonna come!

Also very interesting was Chris Cempers talk about link building. He has his slides online and also posted a recap with some photos. The conf was pretty short and the parties quite long, but that is how we like it ;-)

Queens day was very impressive. If you want to attend one of the biggest parties of the world, make sure to book the 30th of April next year. Hopefully a4u will be put at the same dates again!