The farmer update and your sales

First of all: Google did majorly a good job in cleaning up their index with the latest update (which even made major news) – but there are innocent bystanders who also lost traffic.

Tradebit has lost some, not much – yet that update shows once more how sensitive the web-economy reacts to changes on a few central spots online. Google is a driving force for online sales success, it follows its own set of rules and some are very basic.

Especially the merchants who upload MRR and PLR products on tradebit felt a drop in sales over the last few days, if they copied and pasted the standard sales copy of that file. Google drills down on copied content pretty harsh and if you used the standard text, I doubt that it will survive or make a lot of money on the long run.

Go and change the descriptions, if you use duplicate texts. If you copy texts together from different sources, it does not get any better: That is called a farm, because you would dig up content from different sources and plant your own mix with it. Especially “duplicate” and “farmed” content is something Google has been fighting with in the past years. Now the search giant has reacted with 2 updates within weeks. Both aimed towards thin and what they consider “poor” content.

Make sure, you do not farm nor copy – even if you like The Who:

;-) have a great week!