Recovering from traffic losses in the past few days

The so called “Panda” or “Farmer” update from the search engine Google was aimed to clean up the index from duplicate and thin content – and to promote unique, high quality content along the terms people look for. At least that is, what was communicated. For tradebit – as a shopping platform – it caused some serious traffic loss, starting on the 24th of February from which we slowly recovered over the course of 2 months now.

From the statistics we follow daily, I can say: we are back on track. By filtering out duplicate texts on the platform as good as we can (we will improve that further) and just hiding products that people put in the catalog quickly and without any “love”, I think we signaled that we are running a serious business here. Traffic and revenue have fully recovered in the past 5 days and I hope we can continue that pace during the summer!

You can help by putting products online with clean, fresh and unique descriptions. Make sure the sentences are not duplicated and put some text into it that “nice song”. Quality is an integral part of SEO and of selling here.