Updates, news and background infos

While things are getting a bit more complicated with an exploding set of content we have online now, new developments are taking more time than in the times I did those on my own. We have contracted 2 additional developers on the 27th of June to create a new and cleaner Tradebit interface. Today I saw the first screenshot of the new scripts section that will also be a sample for the other vertical worlds of this platform. I am excited about it. Tradebit will do a major step into a cleaner, faster and more professional looking estate soon. The new release will happen in August and I will update you along the way.

After the relaunch, we will start to put some moderation in place and influence the listing order, promotions and specific areas on the site more manually. Our promotion algorithms are OK and doing a B- job on the order. Yet there are so highly underestimated areas (like music tutorials or specific eBooks) that we will start to create more help text and help videos around some topics. For that we have posted a job opening on craigslist… Now that job opening is tailored towards an American working in Germany but we could also work with a new team member in the NYC area, where one of our advisory board members runs a nice office we sometimes work in.

Until August we will also start an enhanced eBook selection and an easier way of using these eBooks. It is too early to dive into this new deal, but we are working on import scripts to reach the same level of eBooks that we already have with MP3 music. The MP3 downloads of over 8 Million single songs have reached a solid base now and we do not have to hide behind the big names with our volume.

Martin is still working on the Karaoke section where a pile of hard drives sent to our offices have collapsed over him to import new files.

There are also a bunch of complaints and feature requests on our to-do lists for development that we have to take care about. So, the summer of code for us has officially started and I will not have much to blog about until we roll out the new site!

Last, but not least: As a regular speaker on Pubcon, I am excited to come to Vegas in November again for one of the best conferences in the online marketing field. In the preparation of the conference, the team behind Pubcon has started a speakers blog that is slowly growing in to an excellent collection of online know-how. If you are going to the conf or not: you should bookmark that site.