Back from Pubcon Vegas 2011 – recap

The last week was crazy – like Las Vegas always is. I had 2 presentations to give:

Code Installation together with my good friend Todd Keup from, where we showed how to protect against common SQL injections and basic hacker attacks.

Followed by

Avoiding Downtime together with Michael from, David Vogelpohl from and Scott from – this was Scotts and my 3rd presentation together, we are getting pretty good as a team here ;-)

and there are at least 154 things to report from the conference!

One of the most important things for us here is the duplicate content issue. While this has not been a big issue the last years, Google does now spider AJAX calls and much more of dynamic content than ever before and while I was sitting in the keynote speech of Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal:

Keynote Photo of Pubcon Vegas 2011

Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal on Pubcon

I was also checking the webmastertools  on Google and found more duplicate files than ever on Tradebit. That is something we have to address asap and we are already on it.

There is a tight schedule of development issues for us until Christmas and I will keep you posted as we move along. There is also new content to announce and changes we made already in the back. Stay tuned for more details!

Pubcon always gave me good impulses over the years and a lot of know-how went into this platform.