Literature: How much of Snow Crash came true?

Neal Stephenson wrote “Snow Crash” in 1992 and got the Hugo Award for it in 1996. Placed in the 21st century vibrating Shanghai, the book describes the Metaverse (what could be Web10.0) as a global computer network you hook up to and live an artificial life. It integrates nicely with reality and you can do bank transactions, meet people, flirt, gamble, shop, etc. – just like the net today, but with more interaction and a fancier interface.

For all of you, who are interessted in the latest Buzz around “empowered users”, the Web2.0 thoughts and the future of the network, this book is (more than ever) a very entertaining read!

A lot of names and ideas are mentioned that will remind you of our internet economy. But remember: the book was there first!