Features this month: minor updates on the site

The past weeks we have been very busy with minor updates, illnesses and some projects we had to finish for our clients. Now these projects are done and we are back on track to make your life on tradebit easier!

The first thing I will work on is the download manager. We still get a lot of support requests, because the downloads of larger files still fail or the download codes land in the SPAM filters. Trust me: that is as annoying for us as it is for you and I will try to improve that process a bit.

Further there are some glitches on the pages with IE8 which are not major, but get on my nerves since I updated to Windows 7 and actually use that browser now. I think with the release of Windows 7 and the enforced update Microsoft is rolling out, we should look nice on that browser and not just OK. More and more people will use it as they also use more Bing these days!

Another part is IMHO also crucial for us: the affiliate codes.

With now over 10 Million files on tradebit it is almost impossible to find the top-sellers quickly. Affiliates really do want to promote us and that is not the way I want it to be. So there will be a top-seller recommendation and an improved WordPress plugin coming soon. The major steps should be taken before I head out to Vegas for Pubcon in November, where I also want to sync with some of the merchants who are selling on tradebit.

So: we are on it and prepare more content for you. Have a good weekend!