Things we are waiting for

While we started with the development of the new interface, we are also trying to bring you more high quality content to the platform. We are currently working on 2 eBook deals to expand that area and clean up this vertical. That will take a few weeks as it seems.

The new payment interface is coming along quite good – Martin just told me that all communications are working and he started with the integration already. I guess it will take some serious testing, before we can roll it out. If you want to help us with it, eMail me directly!

CDbaby is currently updating their data feed, so there have not been any MP3 imports from independent artist for a few weeks now. That should be updated during this week and we will ramp up a few 100,000 new songs for you as soon as they are available!

I guess we will be busy in the background the next 2 weeks and there will not be much to blog about. Keep up posting new content and we will update everyone via our mailing list.

If you are NOT on that list and want to have the latest infos when the payment is rolled out, you may want to subscribe to the newsletter. Don’t worry, we send out updates only when needed and you will get less than 12 emails a year on that list!

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