Introducing myself

This is just a follow-up message to Ralf’s post on the 15th August, introducing myself as the new Tradebit eCommerce Editor and Community Expert. I’ve been brought on-board for a number of reasons – chiefly to drive the improvements to the platform navigation and catalog structure, but also to take on the bulk of the blogging and forum activities. So, you will certainly be seeing plenty of posts from myself in the very near future as we build up to the relaunch of Tradebit on the 1st of September.

It is my goal to ensure Tradebit’s users receive the best possible experience every time they access the platform, whether they are buyers, sellers or affiliates. Tradebit is fully focused on maximising sales potential for its sellers and affiliates and ensuring buyers are always able to quickly locate and purchase whatever it is they are looking for. The user experience is the key to this, which is why it is my first priority.

My background is primarily in usability consultancy, technical writing and project management, and I intend to draw on all of my previous experience and accumulated skills to the best possible effect in this new role – which I am sure will be as fun and rewarding as it will be challenging.

My initial focus will be around the software area of Tradebit and I will be working closely with the developers to iron out all the kinks in the new layout. I will also be concentrating on the documentation and help sections, to ensure new users receive all the information they need to get started with purchasing and selling. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please feel free to email me at steve(at)tradebit(dot)com.

The redevelopment of the vast Tradebit platform will be a fluid, ongoing process, during which time things may get misplaced. If you experience any difficulties, or have some ideas previously overlooked by the developers for working with us more efficiently, you can also contact me.

In the meantime, please bear with us during this short transitional period, as we sprint furiously toward the Tradebit platform relaunch.