Merchant Payout Details – 24th of August

Just another update on today’s payout procedure: Due to the failure of the credit card gateway on the weekend, we will again payout in 2 cycles. The first cycle with cover all open payments up to last Friday. Merchants, who have been on hold for 2 weeks on longer will be part of that first cycle.

The second cycle will follow then tomorrow. We are catching up on a lot of payment related details. As always: if you have questions, please do not hesitate to eMail me directly to management(at)tradebit(dot)com.

We are starting the process of detailed checking now and that takes a few hours to weed out open proxies, chargebacks and other problems. As soon as we fired out the first round, I will comment this post.

On a side note: we are now testing the new layout internally and will include your opinion next week! For that I will personally mail out to some of our merchants to ask for tests. I guess Wednesday is the day!

Until then: stay tuned – we do hope the earthquake on the east coast did not affect you!