Wall of Sound and Creating Niche Worlds

Now that the “big” topics on Tradebit have been largely tackled (such as Software, Making Music and Health and Lifestyle), I and other members of the team have devoted some time recently to adding texture and variety to the catalog by building out “niche” verticals. Through these niche topics, we hope to add more flexibility to the platform and allow buyers interested in more obscure genres to find things to purchase as easily as those who are interested in the more obvious subjects.

How do we stumble upon ideas for these niche topics? Is it through a combination of keyword and catalog research, trend analysis and usability studies? Well, yes, that’s part of it. But, like many other things in life, sometimes the ideas for niche topics come from something as simple as a conversation in the pub.

Ralf and myself share a common interest in progressive rock, and a recent discussion on the subject (in the pub, naturally) turned towards the Wall of Sound technique, made famous by Phil Spector (wikipedia) and utilised by many other famous acts since its inception in the early 60s. What perfect vertical fodder, we thought, almost simultaneously… and we’d only had a pair of diet cokes.

And so, for myself, Ralf and the 2% (probably) of you reading this post that are also progressive rock fans – I present the Wall Of Sound vertical.