What to expect from Pubcon Las Vegas 2012

The yearly Pubcon conference is an institution for American and international SEOs. Historically it happens in Las Vegas in fall. If you gonna miss it this time, you might want to come to New Orleans next spring to join the fun.
What to bring to Pubcon

What to bring to Pubcon

More good advice from my fellow Pubcon professionals here

The current hot topics for online marketeers are:
  • Penguin, Panda and other Google updates – the search giant dominates the business and is a big part of what we think about.
  • Bing and the others – for many in the business, the alternative search engines are very important. For us, too!
  • Social engagement – generating traffic with twitter, youtube (doh, Google again), facebook and other sources can be learned.
  • Trends in technology – working with HTML5 and CSS3 is hot this year. It is not new, but it is growing fast and broad
I will be moderating some sessions and talk about code management again, right on the first day with my friends Todd Keup and Frank Bauer. Very much looking forward to this.
There are A LOT OF TRACKS to pick up knowledge and many opportunities to network with fellow marketeers. Most efficient link building is real life networking – so use the opportunity!
What you should do, if you are on Pubcon depends on your area of work and expertise:
  • In-house SEOs should pick up new ideas to generate traffic and ask one or the other fellow SEOs what they do right now to increase traffic and also conversion (if Ted Ulle is there and he has some time: get your site looked at and just swallow the critics, he is almost certainly right)
  • SEO agencies should get in touch with the tool providers like Raven Tools (Jon Henshaw is there) or MajesticSEO (Dixon Jones is also there) to get early bird access to new features or even free first months to test it out.
  • Bloggers and independent online marketeers should definitely look at services out there, that can make their lives easier. Textbroker is Las Vegas based and massively present at Pubcon. Pick up vouchers, let those companies in the exhibition hall show you, what they offer. If you do not buy: at least you get a feeling for the technology!
  • Everybody should be there for the keynote speeches. Every year I pick up my motivational pep talk on 2-3 conferences and Pubcon is basically kicking my butt to work during winter with fresh ideas and new partners to work with.
Do not forget to take notes. I gave up all electronic versions of notepads and went back to pen and paper, because it is hard to take those devices into the bars and pubs after show. If you will be there: talk to me, I am harmless :-)
Here are some links to visit:
and as a regular I wanted to add:
If you go, stay hydrated, bring an air humidifier, do not forget your nerd shirt and network with people!