Introducing…. the Tradebit Sales Performance Graph

It’s me again, and this time I’m not posting about vertical updates – just for a change. Instead, I thought I’d put out a quick note to inform merchants of a cool new enhancement we’ve made.

They say “information is power”, and with that in mind, and as part of our continuing efforts to improve the quality of information Tradebit merchants receive about their sales, we’ve added a sales performance graph to the merchant admin area. Now all merchants can easily see at-a-glance the trends and curves of their sales performance data.

Instead of having to export the data to a CSV and plot a graph in Excel, you can now get this visual overview as soon as you log in and click the Sales tab. It’s almost too easy!

Sales Log

The feature is really easy to “use” so doesn’t require much explanation. Revenue is plotted on the Y axis and dates on the X axis, so you can easily see in a split second if your sales performance is headed in the right direction or not.

There’s even a little summary of hard numbers underneath (that’s right, we thought of everything).

Enjoy, and here’s hoping all your curves are headed north and not south!

To sign up as a Tradebit merchant and see this, and many other cool merchant tools besides, go here and fill out the form.

It takes just seconds, after which you can sell downloads on the biggest open marketplace for digital goods there is.