Bye bye, Amy Winehouse…

After getting up this morning I was sad hearing that Amy Winehouse died in her apartment in London yesterday. While our focus on the platform is not too heavy on music, I personally have 2 songs from her on my “evergreen” playlist on my phone and in my car. The British music scene lost a talent for sure, and I was expecting her to recover from all these drug stories and become the grand dame of jazz and soul in the years to come.

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (mushtaq remix) . mp3

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (mushtaq remix) . mp3


Pictures, her story and more details on her death are on the bigger news outlets.

While thousands die in a cruel summer in Africa, an idiot kills children in Norway and a talent dies away, I think this week did not produce to many good news. Our feelings are with all who suffer these days from loss and tragedy.