MP3 Downloads and Business

We have been reselling the 7digital catalog of MP3 songs for quiet some time now. These songs included the major labels like Universal, Warner or Sony labels with their big hit artists. Amazingly enough the sales numbers of these big hits on tradebit have been relatively small over the past two years!

That might be one of the reasons 7digital ended our reseller contract by the 11th of May 2014 and we have now removed all the links to their files.

So we have to send you away for these files and it seems that Amazon has the widest selection and easiest access to the big labels:

We recommend that you use Amazon, iTunes or Spotify for these big names. Tradebit goes back to the roots and focusses on promoting the independent labels that we have from CDBaby and our big Karaoke selections.

Please come back for the independent artists and our karaoke selection!