Common PayPal misunderstandings

Agreed, some people have problems using our feature-rich member area, too – But that is not the topic now :-)

PayPal has grown fast and big to what they are now and they have added a lot of features on the way. If you have used it in 2002 and not since then, there are not too many changes in the interface, but under the hood they implemented good new features.

As always in software design, when things get more features, they tend to become more complicated. We have one or the other question from users, who simply do not know, how to cancel a subscription or why their money is not yet at its destination, when they pay with eChecks.

So, to clear these 2 major questions:

1.) If you signed up for a subscription (if it was here or elsewhere), you can cancel this subscription by logging into paypal. It is the responsibility of the Merchant, who sold you the subscription, to manage your cancellation automatically, without you doing any further steps.

2.) If you pay via PayPal and you fund your transaction with an eCheck, the merchant will get his/her money only after that check has cleared. If you want to buy a download and you want to have it right away, paying with an echeck is not a good idea – that could last up to DAYS! to clear.

These 2 questions have been our top support questions in the last weeks, so I wanted to repeat the answers here!