Updated to WordPress 2.x

Normally I hate to change any server settings, when everything is running smoothly. Some software works great but fails to update cleanly and busts your whole system. I have seen that enough in my computer life and I try to be among the last who update something in my working environment (you just need a few computers to play around with the new stuff, eh?)

This time I decided to take the risk, because I have heard ONLY good things about the latest WordPress release. The sleek new administration interface was the main reason.

Well, here I am with my new blog software and it all just looks like before for you, the reader. That update process was easy and the few steps they mention on the wordpress.org site were just perfect for me. Even my custom template that ought to fit the tradebit design works like a charm.

The new admin interface was totally cleaned up and writing is more fun now. If you are still on 1.x, consider the move!