Multiple Skype Accounts on one computer?

A few weeks ago a guy skyped me and I first thought, that he might wants to spam me with something to sell. Actually he is writing a book about Skype and was asking some questions, which I was only partly able to answer.

He seems to be much more familiar with all the little Skype tricks and he writes in his blog about these.

One trick I found extremly helpful: it lets you run multiple skypes on one machine – it is a dirty hack, but if you are the admin on your box, you might want to try it:

  1. Create a new windows user with admin rights (e.g. “skype2″)
  2. Create a link on your desktop with the following destination: %windir%\system32\RUNAS.exe /profile “/user:skype2″ /savecred “C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe”

A click on that link will open a second skype for the user “skype2″ with its own profile!

I have not tried to place 2 simultaneous calls, but that should not work, if they use the same resources… you might let me know!