Mounting a server drive via SSH on your Windows XP / Vista box

Over the holidays I have been on the road again and needed to do some coding while away. Because most of the required installations (like PHP modules, etc.) are not on my tiny laptop, I looked for a possibility to mount our office development box as a drive on my laptop while sitting in Starbucks or elsewhere.

On public networks that ALWAYS can be dangerous because of some script kiddies doing WIFI sniffing in exactly these places. So I looked for an encrypted tunnel to our devbox in the office and found:


Which allows you to mount a server drive via the encrypted SSH protocol. On a decent network link it creates decent speeds for DIRECTLY editing source code on your development machines anywhere on the net. Very good tool and comes for free for a 6 weeks period. I will spend the 39$ for the full version, because it is REALLY helpful! Good job!