Tests, Updates and Layout

The new layout of the homepage caused some pretty bad comments from long time members… So I tried to find a compromise – not easy! Our basic goal with the homepage is to minimize the amount of information and to quickly transport the key features of the site. According to the feedback, the impressions were pretty mixed. Well, we will continue to work on that over time.

Additionally I have added SwarmDesk to the family of tradebit sites. That is a test to see if the merchants on tradebit are interested to build a community. The software used to build that site does allow forum postings, blogs, chats, etc. and I think the software is very powerful. Yet it smells like facebook :-) and I am not sure if the merchants like it! Let it sit for a week and see how it goes!

Furthermore: the detail pages have been updated to reflect better HTML5 features with some microformats on the pages. Microformats help the search engines to understand the site better. The surfer does not see big differences, but the search engines may now understand the details much better.

We also changed the REVIEW / RATING process completely and offer the RATING of files to all buyers. The public rating has been disabled. Over time we want to incorporate the rankings into the listing process on tradebit.