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Casio Exilim EX-P700 Digital Camera User & Instruction Manual

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Instruction & User Manuals

Table Of Contents

- General Precautions
- Test for proper operation before using the camera!
- Data Error Precautions
- Operating conditions
- Condensation
- Lens and Phase Differential Sensor
- Other

First, charge the battery!
To configure display language and clock settings
To record an image
To view a recorded image
To delete an image

About This Manual
General Guide
Monitor Screen Contents
- REC modes
- PLAY mode
- Changing the Contents of the Monitor Screen
Indicator Lamps
Attaching the Strap
Power Requirements
- Using the Rapid Charger
- To load the battery
- To remove the battery
- Power Supply Precautions
- Using AC Power
- Turning the Camera On and Off
- Configuring Power Saving Settings
Using the On-screen Menus
Configuring Display Language and Clock Settings
- To configure display language and clock settings

Recording an Image
- Specifying the Recording Mode
- Aiming the Camera
- Recording an Image
- Recording Precautions
- About Auto Focus
- About the REC Mode Monitor Screen
Previewing the Last Image Recorded
- To view current preview buffer contents after recording a single image
- To delete preview buffer contents after recording a single image
Orientation Sensor
Using the Optical Viewfinder
Using Zoom
- Optical Zoom
- Digital Zoom
Using the Flash
- Flash Unit Status
- Changing the Flash Intensity Setting
- Using Flash Assist
- Flash Precautions
Using the Self-timer
Specifying Image Size
Specifying Image Quality

Selecting the Focus Mode
- Using Auto Focus
- Using the Macro Mode
- Using the Infinity Mode
- Using Manual Focus
- Using Pan Focus
- Using Focus Lock
Exposure Compensation (EV Shift)
Adjusting White Balance
- Configuring the White Balance Setting Manually
Specifying the Exposure Mode
- Using Aperture Priority AE
- Using Shutter Speed Priority AE
- Setting Exposure Settings Manually
- Using Manual Assist On-screen Guidance
- Exposure Mode Recording Precautions
Using Auto Exposure Lock (AE Lock)
Using a Continuous Shutter Mode
- Using the Normal Speed Continuous Shutter Mode
- Using the High Speed Continuous Shutter Mode
- 25-shot Stop Action Images (Using the Multi Continuous Shutter Mode)
- Continuous Shutter Precautions
Using Auto Bracketing
- Using Auto Bracketing with Exposure Selected as the Variable (AE Bracketing)
- Using Auto Bracketing with White Balance as the Variable (WB Bracketing)
- Using Auto Bracketing with the Focus Distance as the Variable (Focus Bracketing)
- Using Auto Bracketing with Non-configurable
- Variables (Multi Bracketing)
- Auto Bracketing Precautions
Previewing Images Recorded with High Speed
Continuous Shutter or Auto Bracketing
- To view current preview buffer contents after recording multiple images
- To delete current preview buffer contents after recording multiple images
Using the BESTSHOT Mode
- Creating Your Own BESTSHOT Setup
Combining Shots of Two People into a Single Image (Coupling Shot)
Recording a Subject onto an Existing
Background Image (Pre-shot)
Recording Images of Business Cards and Documents (Business Shot)
- To use Business Shot
Using the Movie Mode
Recording Audio
- Adding Audio to a Snapshot
- Recording Your Voice
Using the Histogram
REC Mode Camera Settings
- Specifying ISO Sensitivity
- Selecting the Auto Focus (AF) Mode
- Selecting the Metering Mode
- Using the Filter Function
- Specifying Outline Sharpness
- Specifying Color Saturation
- Specifying Contrast
- Turning the On-screen Grid On and Off
- Turning Image Review On and Off
- Using Icon Help
- Specifying Power On Default Settings
- Resetting the Camera
Using the Shortcut Menu (EX Menu)
Using the Card Remote Controller for Recording
- Loading the Battery
- Before Using the Card Remote Controller for Recording
- Using the Card Remote Controller
Using an External Flash
- External Flash Unit Requirements
- Before Using an External Flash Unit
- Using an External Flash Unit
- External Flash Precautions
Using a Conversion Lens or Filter
- Installing a Conversion Lens or Close-up Lens
- Installing a Filter
Basic Playback Operation
- Playing an Audio Snapshot
Zooming the Display Image
Resizing an Image
Cropping an Image
Checking the Focus of a Recorded Image
Playing a Movie
Displaying the 9-image View
- Selecting a Specific Image in the 9-image View
Displaying the Calendar Screen
Playing a Slideshow
- To specify the slideshow images
- To specify the slideshow time
- To set the slideshow interval
Rotating the Display Image
Using Image Roulette
Adding Audio to a Snapshot
- To re-record audio
Playing Back a Voice Recording File
Displaying Camera Images on a TV Screen
- Selecting the Video Input System

Deleting a Single File
Deleting All Files

- Memory Folders and Files
Protecting Files
- To protect a single file
- To protect all files in memory
Using the FAVORITE Folder
- To copy a file to the FAVORITE folder
- To display a file in the FAVORITE folder
- To delete a file from the FAVORITE folder
- To delete all files from the FAVORITE folder

Configuring Sound Settings
- To configure sound settings
- To set the volume level
Specifying an Image for the Startup Screen
Configuring Power Down Image Settings
Specifying the File Name Serial Number
Generation Method
Using the Alarm
- To set an alarm
- Stopping the Alarm
Setting the Clock
- To select your Home Time zone
- To set the current time and date
- Changing the Date Format
Using World Time
- To display the World Time screen
- To configure World Time settings
- To configure summer time (DST) settings
Changing the Display Language
Changing the USB Port Protocol
Formatting Built-in Memory

Using a Memory Card
- To insert a memory card into the camera
- To remove a memory card from the camera
- To format a memory card
- Memory Card Precautions
Copying Files
- To copy all the files in built-in memory to a memory card
- To copy a specific file from a memory card to built-in memory

- To configure print settings for a single image
- To configure print settings for all images
Using PictBridge or USB DIRECT-PRINT
- To print a single image
- To print a group of images
- Printing Precautions
PRINT Image Matching III
Exif Print

Using the Camera with a Windows Computer
USB Connection Precautions
Using the Camera with a Macintosh Computer
USB Connection Precautions
Operations You Can Perform from Your Computer
Using a Memory Card to Transfer Images to a Computer Memory Data
- DCF Protocol
- Memory Folder Structure
- Image Files Supported by the Camera
- Built-in Memory and Memory Card Precautions

Using the Album Feature
- Creating an album
- Selecting an Album Layout
- Configuring Detailed Album Settings
Viewing Album Files
- Saving an Album
- To delete an album
Installing the Software from the CD-ROM
About the bundled CD-ROM (CASIO Digital Camera Software)
Computer System Requirements
Installing Software from the CD-ROM in Windows
Getting Started
Selecting a Language
- Viewing the Contents of the Read me File
- Installing an Application
- Viewing User Documentation (PDF Files)
- User Registration
- Exiting the Menu Application
Installing Software from the CD-ROM on a Macintosh
- Installing Software
- Viewing User Documentation (PDF Files)

Menu Reference
Indicator Lamp Reference
REC modes
PLAY mode
Rapid Charger
Troubleshooting Guide
- If you have problems installing the USB driver
Display Messages

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