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Symbol LS4278 Scanner User & Instruction Manual

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Instruction & User Manuals

Table Of Contents

Revision History

About This Guide
Chapter Descriptions
Notational Conventions
Related Publications
Service Information
Symbol Support Center

Getting Started
Unpacking the Scanner and Cradle
Scanner Parts
Cradle Parts
Scanner Cradle
Connecting the Cradle
Supplying Power to the Cradle
Using the USB Interface to Supply Power
Connecting a Synapse Cable Interface
Lost Connection to Host
Mounting the Cradle
Replacing the Scanner Battery
Charging the Scanner Battery
Charging LED
Reconditioning the Scanner Battery
Battery Reconditioning LED Definitions
Inserting the Scanner in the Cradle
Horizontal Cradle Mount
Vertical Cradle Mount
Radio Communications
Configuring the Scanner

Beeper Definitions
LED Definitions
Scanning in Hand-Held Mode
Scanning in Hands-Free Mode
Assemble the Stand
Scanning with Intellistand
Decode Zone

Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Technical Specifications
Battery Information
Technical Specifications
Cradle Signal Descriptions

Radio Communications
Scanning Sequence Examples
Errors While Scanning
Radio Communications Parameter Defaults
Wireless Beeper Definitions
Radio Communications Host Types
HID Host Parameters
HID Country Keyboard Types (Country Codes)
HID Keyboard Keystroke Delay
HID CAPS Lock Override
HID Ignore Unknown Characters
Emulate Keypad
HID Keyboard FN1 Substitution
HID Function Key Mapping
Simulated Caps Lock
Convert Case
Auto-reconnect Feature
Reconnect Attempt Beep Feedback
Reconnect Attempt Interval
Out of Range Indicator
Scanner(s) To Cradle Support
Modes of Operation
Point-to-Point Communication
Multipoint-to-Point Communication
Pairing Modes
Lock Override
Pairing Methods
Connection Maintenance Interval
Bluetooth Technology Profile Support
Master/Slave Set Up
Pairing Bar Code Format
Bluetooth Security
PIN Code

User Preferences
Scanning Sequence Examples
Errors While Scanning
User Preferences Parameter Defaults
User Preferences
Default Parameters
Beeper Tone
Beeper Volume
Beep on Insertion
Intellistand Idle Timeout
Power Mode
Time Delay to Reduced Power Mode
Scan Pattern
Scan Line Width
Laser On Time
Beep After Good Decode
Transmit Code ID Character
Prefix/Suffix Values
Scan Data Transmission Format
FN1 Substitution Values
Transmit No Read Message
Synapse Interface
Batch Mode
Modes of Operation

Keyboard Wedge Interface
Connecting a Keyboard Wedge Interface
Keyboard Wedge Parameter Defaults
Keyboard Wedge Host Parameters
Keyboard Wedge Host Types
Keyboard Wedge Country Types (Country Codes)
Ignore Unknown Characters
Keystroke Delay
Intra-Keystroke Delay
Alternate Numeric Keypad Emulation
Caps Lock On
Caps Lock Override
Convert Wedge Data
Function Key Mapping
FN1 Substitution
Send Make and Break
Keyboard Maps
ASCII Character Set for Keyboard Wedge

RS-232 Interface
Connecting an RS-232 Interface
RS-232 Parameter Defaults
RS-232 Host Parameters
RS-232 Host Types
Baud Rate
Stop Bit Select
Data Bits (ASCII Format)
Check Receive Errors
Hardware Handshaking
Software Handshaking
Host Serial Response Time-out
RTS Line State
Beep on
Intercharacter Delay
Nixdorf Beep/LED Options
Ignore Unknown Characters
ASCII Character Set for RS-232

USB Interface
Connecting a USB Interface
USB Parameter Defaults
USB Host Parameters
USB Device Type
USB Country Keyboard Types (Country Codes)
USB Keystroke Delay
USB CAPS Lock Override
USB Ignore Unknown Characters
Emulate Keypad
USB Keyboard FN 1 Substitution
Function Key Mapping
Simulated Caps Lock
Convert Case
Optional USB Parameters
Ignore Beep
Ignore Bar Code Configuration
ASCII Character Set for USB

IBM Interface
Connecting to an IBM 468X/469X Host
IBM Parameter Defaults
IBM 468X/469X Host Parameters
Port Address
Convert Unknown to Code 39
Optional IBM Parameters
Ignore Beep
Ignore Bar Code Configuration
Wand Emulation Interface
Connecting Using Wand Emulation
Wand Emulation Parameter Defaults
Wand Emulation Host Parameters
Wand Emulation Host Types
Leading Margin (Quiet Zone)
Ignore Unknown Characters
Convert All Bar Codes to Code 39
Convert Code 39 to Full ASCII

Scanner Emulation Interface
Connecting Using Scanner Emulation
Scanner Emulation Parameter Defaults
Scanner Emulation Host
Scanner Emulation Host Parameters
Beep Style
Parameter Pass-Through
Convert Newer Code Types
Module Width
Convert All Bar Codes to Code 39
Code 39 Full ASCII Conversion
Transmission Timeout
Ignore Unknown Characters
Leading Margin
Check For Decode LED

Communication with 123Scan
123Scan requirements:
123Scan Parameter

Scanning Sequence Examples
Errors While Scanning
Symbology Parameter Defaults
Enable/Disable UPC-A/UPC-E
Enable/Disable UPC-E1
Enable/Disable EAN-13/EAN-8
Enable/Disable Bookland EAN
Decode UPC/EAN/JAN Supplementals
UPC/EAN/JAN Supplemental Redundancy
Transmit UPC-A Check Digit
Transmit UPC-E Check Digit
Transmit UPC-E1 Check Digit
UPC-A Preamble
UPC-E Preamble
UPC-E1 Preamble
Convert UPC-E to UPC-A
Convert UPC-E1 to UPC-A
EAN-8/JAN-8 Extend
UCC Coupon Extended Code
Code 128
Enable/Disable Code 128
Enable/Disable UCC/EAN-128
Enable/Disable ISBT 128
Code 39
Enable/Disable Code 39
Enable/Disable Trioptic Code 39
Convert Code 39 to Code 32
Code 32 Prefix
Set Lengths for Code 39
Code 39 Check Digit Verification
Transmit Code 39 Check Digit
Code 39 Full ASCII Conversion
Code 39 Buffering (Scan & Store)
Buffer Data
Clear Transmission Buffer
Transmit Buffer
Overfilling Transmission Buffer
Attempt to Transmit an Empty Buffer
Code 93
Enable/Disable Code 93
Set Lengths for Code 93
Code 11
Code 11
Set Lengths for Code 11
Code 11 Check Digit Verification
Transmit Code 11 Check Digits
Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)
Enable/Disable Interleaved 2 of 5
Set Lengths for Interleaved 2 of 5
I 2 of 5 Check Digit Verification
Transmit I 2 of 5 Check Digit
Convert I 2 of 5 to EAN-13
Discrete 2 of 5 (DTF)
Enable/Disable Discrete 2 of 5
Set Lengths for Discrete 2 of 5
Chinese 2 of 5
Enable/Disable Chinese 2 of 5
Codabar (NW - 7)
Enable/Disable Codabar
Set Lengths for Codabar
CLSI Editing
NOTIS Editing
Enable/Disable MSI
Set Lengths for MSI
MSI Check Digits
Transmit MSI Check Digit(s)
MSI Check Digit Algorithm
RSS (Reduced Space Symbology)
Convert RSS to UPC/EAN
Symbology - Specific Security Levels
Redundancy Level
Redundancy Level 1
Redundancy Level 2
Redundancy Level 3
Redundancy Level 4
Security Level
Bi-directional Redundancy
Symbology - Intercharacter Gap

Advanced Data Formatting
Rules: Criteria Linked to Actions
Using ADF Bar Codes
ADF Bar Code Menu Example
Rule 1: The Code 128 Scanning Rule
Rule 2: The UPC Scanning Rule
Alternate Rule Sets
Rules Hierarchy (in Bar Codes)
Default Rules
Special Considerations for Multipoint Networks
Special Commands
Pause Duration
Begin New Rule
Save Rule
Quit Entering Rules
Disable Rule Set
Code Types
Code Lengths
Message Containing A Specific Data String
Specific String at Start
Specific String, Any Location
Any Message OK
Rule Belongs To Set
Send Data
Setup Field(s)
Send Pause
Skip Ahead
Send Preset Value
Modify Data
Remove All Spaces
Crunch All Spaces
Stop Space Removal
Remove Leading Zeros
Stop Zero Removal
Pad Data with Spaces
Pad Data with Zeros
Send Keystroke (Control Characters and Keyboard Characters)
Control Characters
Send Right Control Key
Send Graphic User Interface (GUI) Characters
Turn On/Off Rule Sets
Alphanumeric Keyboard

Appendix A. Standard Default Parameters

Appendix B. Programming Reference
Symbol Code Identifiers
AIM Code Identifiers

Appendix C. Sample Bar Codes
Code 39
UPC-A, 100 Percent
EAN-13, 100 Percent
Code 128
Interleaved 2 of 5

Appendix D. Numeric Bar Codes
Numeric Bar Codes

Appendix E. Alphanumeric Bar Codes
Alphanumeric Keyboard

Appendix F. ASCII Character Sets

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