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HandHeld SCANTEAM 5770ALR Scanner User & Instruction Manual

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Instruction & User Manuals

Table Of Contents

Introduction and Installation
Cordless System: Main Components
About the Charge Pack
Charging Your Charge Pack
Discharging the Charge Pack
Setting Up and Connecting the Cordless System
Keyboard Wedge Interface
RS-232 Interface
Connecting More Scanners to the System
Beeper and LED Sequences and
Meaning IT3870/IT3875
Beeper and LED Sequences and Meaning - ST5770
ST5770 Scanner Beep Indication
LED Sequences and Meaning - ST2070
Basic Operation of the Cordless System
System Conditions
Communication Between the Cordless System and the Host Auxiliary Port
Accessories for the Cordless System

Quick Start & Interface Menu
Plug and Play Selections
Industrial Interface: IBM PC
Industrial Interface, Aux Port: RS-232
IBM 468X/9X Ports 5B, 9B, and 17 Interface
Industrial Interface, Aux Port: Wand Emulation
Black High
Industrial Interface, Aux Port: Wand Emulation
White High
Non Decoded Laser Emulation (HHLC)
Terminal Interface Selections
Supported Terminals
Keyboard and Delays Selections
Keyboard Country
Keyboard Style Selections
Keyboard Style Modifiers
Output Delays Selection
Wand Emulation Selections
Transmission Rate Selection
Output Polarity Selection
Power Settings
Base Low Power Mode
Charge Pack Conservation Mode
Timeout Period Selections
Low Power Timeout (IT3875 only)
Factory Default and Revision Report Selections
Reset Factory Settings
Revision Report

Communications Menu
Default Host Port Protocol
Baud Rate Selection
Parity Selection
Word Length Data Bits Selection
Word Length Stop Bits Selection
Hardware Flow Control Selection
Serial Wedge Output Selection
Host ACK Selection
Host ACK Enable
Escape Commands
Decode Beep Selection
Default Auxiliary Port Protocol
Baud Rate Selection
Parity Selection
Word Length Data Bits Selection
Word Length Stop Bits Selection
Hardware Flow Control Selection
IBM 4683 Async Address Selections
Host Commands (IT3875XXX-X2-1 and ST2070-5 only)
Protocol Selection
Data Character Selection
Aux Prefix/Suffix Selections
Decimal to Hex to ASCII Conversion Chart
Aux Prefix Selection
Aux Suffix Selection
Exit Selection for Aux Prefix / Suffix
Aux Prefix On/Off
Aux Suffix On/Off
Aux Port I.D. Transmit Selection
Aux Data Format Editor Selections
Aux Format Editor Commands
Aux Data Format Editor
Aux Data Formatter
Alternate Aux Data Formats

IMAGETEAM 3875 Features
IT3875 Keypad
Key Shifting (Alpha Characters)
Keypad Macros
Arrow Keys
Function Key
System Setup
Script Menu
IT3875XXX-X2-0 Script Setup
IT3875XXX-X2-1 Script Setup
Run History Factory Script
Run Part Number and Quantity Factory Script
Product Demo Script
Run Custom Script (IT3875XXX-X2-1 and ST2070-5 only)
No Script (IT3870 Emulation)
Work Group
Scanner ID
System Info

Application Work Group Menu
Application Work Group Selection
Remove Scanner Selection
Programming Keypad Macro Strings (IT3875 and
ST2070-5 only)
Initiate Key Macro (IT3875 and ST2070-5 only)
IT3875 Font Characters Chart
Font Size Preference (IT3875 and ST2070-5 only)
Display Language Preference (IT3875 and ST2070-5 only)
Beeper Volume Selection
Beeper Pitch
Scanner Voting Selection
Laser Marker Beam (ST5770 only)
AIM Symbology ID and Modifier Prefix
HHP Code ID Prefix
Symbology Chart
Prefix/Suffix Selections
Prefix Selections
Suffix Selections
Exit Selection for Prefix/Suffix
Work Group Prefix On/Off
Suffix On/Off
Decimal to Hex to ASCII Conversion Chart
Data Formatter Selections
Data Format Editor Commands
Data Format Editor
Data Formatter
Require Data Format
Decode Beep Selection
Alternate Data Formats

Symbology Menu
Start/Stop Characters
Codabar Message Length
Codabar Check Character
Code 39
Start/Stop Characters
Code 39 Message Length
Check Character
Code 39 Append
Code 93
Code 93 Message Length
Interleaved 2 of 5
Interleaved 2 of 5 Message Length
Check Digit
Code 2 of 5
Code 2 of 5 Message Length
Matrix 2 of 5
Matrix 2 of 5 Message Length
Code 11
Code 11 Check Digits Required
Code 11 Message Length
Code 128
Code 128 Message Length
ISBT 128
Telepen Message Length
Telepen Output
China Post Code (IT3870/IT3875 only)
China Post Code Message Length
RSS Expanded Message Length
PDF417 (IT3870PDF/IT3875PDF only)
PDF417 Message Length
Show GLI Blocks
Macro PDF417
Show Macro Control Blocks
Scan Diagnostics
PDF417 Learn Mode
MicroPDF417 (IT3870PDF/IT3875PDF only)
MicroPDF417 Message Length
EANUCC Composite Symbology (IT3870PDF/IT3875PDF only)
EANUCC Composite
Enable UPC/EAN Version
EANUCC Composite Symbology Message Length
EAN/JAN Check Digit
UPC A Check Digit
Number System
UPC E0 Check Digit
Number System
Version E Expand
EAN/UPC Addenda
EAN Addenda
UPC Addenda

PC Software Tools
Visual Menu
Temporary Visual Menu Configuration
Installing Visual Menu from the Web
IQ App Loader (IT3875XXX-X2-1 and ST2070-5 only)
Installing IQ App Loader from the Web
IQ App Designer (IT3875XXX-X2-1 and ST2070-5 only)
IQ Editing Pro

Supported Interface Keys
Keyboard Function Relationships
Supported Interface Keys

Product Specifications
SCANTEAM 2070 Cordless Base Product Specifications
Radio Specifications
IMAGETEAM 3870 Cordless Linear Imager Scanner Product
IMAGETEAM 3875 Cordless Linear Imager Scanner Product
SCANTEAM 5770 Cordless Laser Scanner Product Specifications
Charge Pack Specifications (CLESS/NIMH/S)
Connectors & Pinouts
Auxiliary RS-232/Wand Emulation Connector
Keyboard/Terminal and RS-232 (Host Port) Connector
External Power Connector
Cordless Base Dimensions - ST2070
Cordless Scanner Dimensions - IT3870
Cordless Scanner Dimensions - IT3875
Cordless Scanner Dimensions - ST5770
Scan Maps - IT3870/IT3875
Scan Maps - ST5770

Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Cleaning the Scan Window of the Cordless Scanner
Examining the Cordless Scanner and Cordless
Base Housings
Care and Handling of the Charge Pack
Replacing the Interface Cable
Recharging and Replacing the Cordless Scanners
Charge Pack
To Reset Factory Settings

Customer Support
Obtaining Factory Service
Help Desk
Limited Warranty

Default Chart
Country Code Selections
Keyboard & Delays Selection
Wand Emulation Selections
Power Settings
Host Port Communications
Auxiliary Port Communications
Output Selections (User Feedback)
Prefix/Suffix Selections
Data Formatter Selections
Codabar Selections
Code 39 Selection
Code 93 Selection
Interleaved 2 of 5 Selection
Code 2 of 5 Selection
Matrix 2 of 5 Selection
Code 11 Selection
Code 128 Selection
Telepen Selection
China Post Code Selection (IT3870/IT3875 only)
RSS-14 Selection (IT3870/IT3875 only)
PDF417 Selection (IT3870PDF/IT3875PDF only)
MicroPDF417 Selection (IT3870PDF/IT3875PDF only)
EANUCC Composite Symbology Selection (IT3870PDF/IT3875PDF only)
EAN / JAN 8 Selection
EAN / JAN 13 Selection
UPC A Selection
UPC E0 Selection
UPC E1 Selection

Sample Symbols
Programming Chart

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