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PSC Falcon PT40 Bar Code Scanner User & Instruction Manual

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Instruction & User Manuals

Table Of Contents

Software End User License Agreement

Document Overview
Style Conventions
Manual Formatting Conventions
Keyboard Keys
Windows Controls
Mouse Actions
Portable Keys

Getting Started
Before You Start
Whats New in PPG v5.0?
PPG License Agreement
Registering Your Copy of PPG
PPG Installation
PPG System Requirements
Required Hardware
Operating Systems
Supported Portables
Installing PPG
Upgrading to PPG v5.0
Uninstalling PPG
Launching and Exiting PPG
Launching PPG
Exiting PPG
Overview of PPG
PPG Tutorial
Program Files
Executable Programs
Sample Program Files
User Interface
Menus and Toolbars
PPG Toolbar Buttons
Program Nodes Toolbar
Working with PPG Windows
Generating the Program
Downloading the Program
Transferring Data

PPG Application Design
Designing the Application
Application Output
Application Structure
Node Types and the Parent-Child Relationship
Creating Function Nodes
Using Your Flow Chart
Creating Operation Nodes
Actual vs. Virtual Display
Defining Program Flow
Sending and Receiving Files
Additional Resources

The PPG Menubar
File Menu
Creating a New File (Ctrl+N)
Opening an Existing File (Ctrl+O)
Closing a File
Saving a File (Ctrl+S)
Save As
Printing a File (Ctrl+P)
Page Setup
Download (Ctrl+D)
Customize Application (Ctrl+Z)
Customize Display (Ctrl+Y)
Recent Files
Exit (Alt+F4)
Edit Menu
Selecting Objects
Moving Objects
Moving Links
Cut (Ctrl+X)
Copy (Ctrl+C)
Paste (Ctrl + V)
Delete (Del)
Function Nodes
Operation Nodes
View Menu
Show Calling Function
Show Frame/Subroutine Nodes
Program Nodes
PPG Explorer
Status Bar
Create Menu
Function Nodes
Frame (Ctrl+Alt+F)
Subroutine (Ctrl+Alt+S)
Operation Nodes
Menu (Ctrl+Alt+U)
Display (Ctrl+Alt+D)
Input (Ctrl+Alt+I)
Output (Ctrl+Alt+O)
Verify (Ctrl+Alt+F)
Copy (Ctrl+Alt+C)
Modify (Ctrl+Alt+Y)
Math (Ctrl+Alt+M)
Call (Ctrl+Alt+L)
Link (Ctrl+Alt+N)
Window Menu
Cascade Windows
Tile Windows
Filename [Frame]
Help Menu
PPG Help (F1)
About PPG

Creating & Using Nodes
Flow Chart Levels
Creating New Nodes
Menu Nodes
Menu Text
Function Key
Display Nodes
Input Nodes
Input From Tab (Next Nodes)
Track Size Tab
Display Tab
Store Info Tab
Output Nodes
Information to Output Tab
Special Commands
Next Node
Verify Nodes
Verify Information Tab
Verify Options Tab
Store Index Tab
Next Nodes
Copy Nodes
Copy From Tab
Copy To Tab
Next Nodes
Modify Nodes
Data to Modify
Modification Type
Next Nodes
Math Nodes
Floating Point Math
Operand 1 Tab
Operand 2 Tab
Result Tab
Next Nodes Tab
Operation (Mathematical Function)
Call Nodes
Call Subroutine
Creating Links
Adjusting Links
Moving Links
Deleting Links
Automatically Generated Nodes
Start Nodes
Exit Nodes
Return Nodes

Managing Data
Controlling Data Flow
Using a Register as a Source
Register Fields
Using a Register as a Destination
Write Type
Specifying a Register Field
Register Example: Parsing Data
Using a File as a Source
Data Location
Using a File as a Destination
Write Type
Template Uses
Creating a Template
Modifying an existing template
Template Example: Modifying Inventory
Using Fields in Templates

PT40 Communication
Downloading the Application to the PDT
What Happens During a Download?
Specialized Download Situations
Using XFER32
XFER32 Setup
General Tab
Transfer Tab
Logging Tab
Sending and Receiving Data
Transmit (Send) Files
Receive Files

PPG Tutorial
Studying a Sample Program
Building a Custom Portable Program
Creating Frames and Links
Creating Frames
Creating Links
Main Menu Access
Creating the Main Menu Nodes
Saving Your Program
Creating and Setting Up the Collect Data Nodes
The Display: Enter Item Node
The Input: Item Node
The Verify: Input Node
The Output: Error Beep Node
The Display: Error Text Node
The Copy: To File Node
Creating and Setting Up the Upload Data Nodes
The Menu: Confirmation Node
The Output: to PC Node
The Output: Error Beep Node
The Menu: Error Text Node
The Display: Successful Node
The Input: Timeout Display Node
The Modify: Erase File Node
Loading and Using the Program
Loading the Program onto the Portable
Using the Program on the Portable
Creating and Using Templates
Creating the New Nodes
Creating the Fields

Example Frames
Setting the Date and Time
Changing the Auto-Off Timeout
Displaying the Contents of a Register
Sample Verification Methods
Verifying a Numeric Value
Verifying that a Number is an Integer
Verifying Input Size
Downloading a File to a PSC Portable
Finding the Number of Records in a File
Searching for a Partial Match
Searching for Data in a File
Splitting Records into Two Files
Referencing Two Different Files
Reviewing a File
Sounding a Beep
Padding a Number with Leading Zeros

The PPG Library
PPG Program Source Files

PPG System Commands
Using Predefined Defaults
Alternate Parameters

ASCII/Hex Conversion Table
Useful Bar Codes

Fixing Corrupted Files
Downloading the Program to the Portable
Error Messages
PPG Error Messages
PPGComp Error Messages
PPGXfer Error Messages
Technical Support
PSC Website Support
PSC Website TekForum
Reseller Technical Support
Telephone Technical Support


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