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PSC Magellan 8100 Percent Omega User & Instruction Manual

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Instruction & User Manuals

Table Of Contents

Manual Overview
How to Use This Manual
Scanner and Scanner/Scale Nomenclature
Physical Parameters
Deactivating EAS Tags
Warm-Up Time
Electrical Specifications
Power Supply
Laser and Product Safety
Agency Compliances
Bar Codes Supported

Site Preparation and Installation
Pre-Installation Considerations
Checkstand Design
Scanner Installation
Scanner Maintenance
Scanner Usage
Site Preparation Overview
Ventilation and Spacing
Service Access
Power Installation
Checkstand Preparation
Liquid Spills and Moisture
Counter Cutout
Checkstand Mounting
Checkstand Vibration
Installation Overview
Operational Verification
Diagnostic Modes
Cables & Connections
Remote Scale Display Placement/Installation
Lighting Considerations
Viewing Angle
Placing and Installing the Remote Scale Display
Changing Weighing Modes
Set-Up & Installation
EAS Considerations
System Power-Up Recap

Operation and Maintenance
Scanning Items
Deactivating Security Labels
Proper Weighing Technique
Operational Controls
Operational Modes
Power-Up/Selftest & Pre-Operation
Operating Mode
Additional Functions
Diagnostic Mode
Scanner and Scale Reset
Scale Adjustments
Operational Maintenance
Vertical Scan Window Replacement
Horizontal Scan Window Replacement (WRG)

Problem Isolation
Diagnostic Procedures
Error Codes
Scale Error Reporting

Description of Calibration Sequence
Motion Test
Automatic Zero Setting Test
Preparing the Scanner/Scale for Calibration
Calibrating the Scale (Pounds & Kilograms)
Calibration Verification (U.S. Pounds)
Increasing-Load Test (Phase 1)
Shift Test
Increasing- Load Test (Phase 2)
Blanking Test
Decreasing-Load Test
Return to Zero Test
Calibration Verification (Kilograms)
Increasing-Load Test (Phase 1)
Shift Test (Metric)
Increasing- Load Test (Phase 2)
Blanking Test
Decreasing-Load Test
Return to Zero Test

Introduction to Label Programming
Understanding the Basics
Integrating the Scanner With Your Host System
Customizing Your Scanners Operation
Programming Overview
Programming via Handheld Device
What Is Programming Mode?
Entering and Exiting Programming Mode
Programming Session
LED and Beeper Indicators
If You Make a Mistake
Return to Factory Settings
Test Mode
General Scanner and Scale Features
Double Read Timeout
Laser Timeout
Motor Timeout
Green LED Idle State
Scanner Button Options
Power-up Beep Control
Good Read Beep Control
Good Read Beep Frequency
Good Read Beep Length
Good Read Beep Volume
Good Read When to Indicate
Scale Enable
Scale Country Mode
Scale Enforced Zero Return
Scale Interface Type
Scale Motion Level Filter
Scale LED Enable
Remote Display Enable/Disable
Aux Port Mode
Laser Failure Mode
Productivity Index Reporting (PIR)/Cashier Training (CT)
EAS Features
EAS Mode
EAS Beep Duration
EAS Retry Count
Manual EAS Deactivation Push Button
EAS Deactivation Duration Coupled
EAS Deactivation Duration Retry
EAS Deactivation Duration Manual
Interface Related Features
Interface Type
Maximum Host-Transmitted Message Length
Number of Host Transmission Buffers
Global Prefix
Global Suffix
IBM Features
IBM Interface Options
IBM Scale Address
IBM Transmit Labels in Code 39 Format
IBM USB Interface Options
IBM USB Scanner Device Type
RS-232 Features
RS-232 Baud Rate
RS-232 Number of Data Bits
RS-232 Number of Stop Bits
RS-232 Parity
RS-232 Hardware Control
RS-232 Intercharacter Delay
RS-232 Software Flow Control
RS-232 Host Echo
RS-232 Host Echo Quiet Interval
RS-232 Ignore Host Commands
RS-232 TTL
RS-232 TTL Invert
RS-232 Beep on ASCII BEL
RS-232 Beep After Weigh
RS-232 Beep on Not on File
RS-232 ACK NAK Enable
RS-232 ACK Character
RS-232 NAK Character
RS-232 Retry on ACK NAK Timeout
RS-232 ACK NAK Timeout Value
RS-232 ACK NAK Retry Count
RS-232 ACK NAK Error Handling
RS-232 Label ID Control
Single Cable RS-232 Options
Single Cable RS-232 Scanner Only Protocol
Single Cable RS-232 RTS CTS Selection
Single Cable RS-232 Use BCC
Single Cable RS-232 Use ACK/NAK
Single Cable RS-232 Use STX
Set Single Cable RS-232 STX Character
Single Cable RS-232 Use ETX
Set Single Cable RS-232 ETX Character
Symbology Programming
UPC-A Enable
UPC-A Number System Character Transmission
UPC-A Check Character Transmission
Expand UPC-A to EAN-13
UPC-A Label ID
UPC-A 2-Digit Supplemental Label ID
UPC-A 5-Digit Supplemental Label ID
UPC-A 128 Supplemental Label ID
UPC-E Enable
UPC-E Number System Character Transmission
UPC-E Check Character Transmission
Expand UPC-E to UPC-A
Expand UPC-E to EAN-13
UPC-E Label ID
UPC-E 2-Digit Supplemental Label ID
UPC-E 5-Digit Supplemental Label ID
UPC-E 128 Supplemental Label ID
EAN-13 Enable
EAN-13 First Character Transmission
EAN-13 Check Character Transmission
EAN-13 ISBN Conversion Enable
EAN 13 Label ID
EAN-13 2-Digit Supplemental Label ID
EAN-13 5-Digit Supplemental Label ID
EAN-13 128 Supplemental Label ID
Bookland AIM ID
Bookland Label ID
EAN-8 Enable
EAN-8 Check Character Transmission
Expand EAN-8 to EAN-13
EAN 8 Label ID
EAN-8 2-Digit Supplemental Label ID
EAN-8 5-Digit Supplemental Label ID
EAN-8 128 Supplemental Label ID
EAN-8 Decoding Levels
Other UPC/EAN Options
UPC/EAN Reconstruction
Price Weight Check
Enable EAN Two Label
UPC-A and EAN-13 Decoding Levels
GTIN Enable
GTIN 2-Digit Supplemental Label ID
GTIN 5-Digit Supplemental Label ID
GTIN Code 128 Supplemental Label ID
RSS-14 Enable
RSS-14 Check Character Transmission
RSS-14/EAN-128 Emulation
RSS-14 2D Component Enable
RSS-14 Label ID
RSS Expanded Enable
RSS Expanded EAN-128 Emulation
RSS Expanded 2D Component Enable
RSS Expanded AIM ID
RSS Expanded Label ID
RSS Expanded Length Control
RSS Expanded Maximum Label Length
RSS Expanded Minimum Label Length
RSS Expanded Fixed Length 1
RSS Expanded Fixed Length 2
Code 39 Enable
Code 39 Start Stop Character Transmission
Code 39 Check Character Calculation
Code 39 Check Character Transmission
Code 39 Full ASCII
Code 39 AIM ID
Code 39 Label ID
Code 39 Length Control
Code 39 Maximum Label Length
Code 39 Minimum Label Length
Code 39 Fixed Length 1
Code 39 Fixed Length 2
Code 39 Stitching
Pharmacode 39 Enable
Pharmacode 39 Start Stop Character Transmission
Pharmacode 39 Check Character Transmission
Pharmacode 39 Label ID
Code 128 Enable
Code 128 Transmit Function Characters
Convert Code 128 to Code 39
Code 128 AIM ID
Code 128 Label ID
Code 128 Length Control
Code 128 Maximum Label Length
Code 128 Minimum Label Length
Code 128 Fixed Length 1
Code 128 Fixed Length 2
Code 128 Stitching
EAN-128 Enable
EAN-128 Label ID
Interleaved 2 of 5 (I 2 of 5) Enable
I 2 of 5 Check Character Calculation
I 2 of 5 Check Character Transmission
I 2 of 5 AIM ID
I 2 of 5 Label ID
I 2 of 5 Length Control
I 2 of 5 Maximum Label Length
I 2 of 5 Minimum Label Length
I 2 of 5 Fixed Length 1
I 2 of 5 Fixed Length 2
I 2 of 5 Stitching
Codabar Enable
Codabar Start Stop Character Transmission
Codabar Start Stop Character Set
Codabar Start Stop Character Match
Codabar Check Character Calculation
Codabar Check Character Transmission
Codabar AIM ID
Codabar Label ID
Codabar Length Control
Codabar Maximum Label Length
Codabar Minimum Label Length
Codabar Fixed Length 1
Codabar Fixed Length 2
Codabar Stitching
Code 93 Enable
Code 93 AIM ID
Code 93 Label ID
Code 93 Length Control
Code 93 Maximum Label Length
Code 93 Minimum Label Length
Code 93 Fixed Length 1
Code 93 Fixed Length 2
Code 93 Stitching
MSI/Plessey Enable
MSI/Plessey Check Character Calculation
MSI/Plessey Number of Check Characters
MSI/Plessey Check Character Transmission
MSI/Plessey AIM ID
MSI/Plessey Label ID
MSI/Plessey Length Control
MSI/Plessey Maximum Label Length
MSI/Plessey Minimum Label Length
MSI/Plessey Fixed Length 1
MSI/Plessey Fixed Length 2
MSI/Plessey Stitching
Standard 2 of 5 Enable
Standard 2 of 5 Check Character Calculation
Standard 2 of 5 Check Character Transmission
Standard 2 of 5 AIM ID
Standard 2 of 5 Label ID
Standard 2 of 5 Length Control
Standard 2 of 5 Maximum Label Length
Standard 2 of 5 Minimum Label Length
Standard 2 of 5 Fixed Length 1
Standard 2 of 5 Fixed Length 2
Standard 2 of 5 Stitching

Appendix A. LED/Beeper Indications & Controls
Controls and Indicators
LED and Beeper Indications
Volume/Tone Push Button
Manual EAS Deactivation Push Button
Scale Zero Push Button
Calibration Switch

Appendix B. Cable Information
General Specifications
RS-232 Cable Pinout
RS-232 Cable Pinout continued
IBM Cable Pinout
Scanner and Scale
IBM USB Cable Pinout
Scanner and Scale
Auxilliary Port
External Handheld Input
Power Cable
Connector Hardware
Remote Display
Connector Hardware
EAS Comm Port
EAS Deactivator Control Box Connection

Appendix C. Keypad

Appendix D. Host Commands
Accepting Commands from an RS-232 Scanner Host

Appendix E. Factory Defaults

Appendix F. Handheld Data Format Requirements
Handheld Data Format Requirements General
PSC Handheld Data Format Requirements
AIM Formats

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