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Panasonic UF885 LASER FACSIMILE User Manual

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Instruction & User Manuals

Table Of Contents

Safety Information7
Function Key10
External View11
Control Panel12

Main Unit and Accessories14
Installing the Accessories15
Installing the Toner Cartridge16
Loading the Recording Paper18
Paper Specifications18
How to Load the Recording Paper18
Connecting the Telephone Line Cable and Power Cord20
Setting the Dialing Method (Tone or Pulse)22
Adjusting the Volume23
Setting the Monitor Volume23
Setting the Ringer Volume23
User Parameters24
Setting the Date and Time24
Setting Your LOGO25
Setting Your Character ID26
Setting Your ID Number (Fax Telephone Number)27

One-Touch/Abbreviated Dialing Numbers29
Entering One-Touch/Abbreviated Dialing Numbers29
Changing or Erasing One-Touch/Abbreviated Dialing Numbers31
Printing Out a Directory Sheet33
Customizing Your Machine34
Setting the Fax Parameters34
Fax Parameter Table35

Loading Documents39
Documents You Can Send39
Documents You Cannot Send39
How to Load Documents40
Basic Transmission Settings41
Verification Stamp42
Communication Journal (COMM. JOURNAL)43

Sending Documents44
Memory Transmission44
Manual Number Dialing46
One-Touch Dialing47
Abbreviated Dialing48
Directory Search Dialing49
Multi-Station Transmission (Broadcasting)50
Direct Transmission51
Manual Number Dialing (Direct Transmission)51
One-Touch Dialing (Direct Transmission)52
Abbreviated Dialing (Direct Transmission)53
Directory Search Dialing (Direct Transmission)54
Voice Mode Transmission55
Off-Hook Dialing55
On-Hook Dialing56
Transmission Reservation57
Memory Transmission Reservation (Multi-tasking)57
Direct Transmission Reservation (Priority Transmission Reservation)58
Automatic Redialing59
Manual Redialing59
Receiving Documents60
Automatic Reception60
Manual Reception60
Print Reduction61
Selecting the Print Reduction Mode61
Receiving Oversize Documents62
Substitute Memory Reception63
Print Collation Mode63
Making Copies64

Batch Transmission65
Real-time Batch Transmission65
Delayed Batch Transmission65
Timer Controlled Communications66
Deferred Transmission66
Deferred Polling67
Setting the Polling Password68
Preparing to be Polled69
To Poll Documents from Another Station70
Program Keys71
Setting for Group Dialing71
Setting for Deferred Transmission72
Setting for Deferred Polling73
Setting for Normal Polling74
Setting for One-Touch Key75
Changing or Erasing the Program Key Settings76
Edit File Mode77
Printing a File List77
Viewing the Contents of a File List78
Changing the Start Time or the Station of a File79
Deleting a File81
Printing Out a File82
Adding Documents into a File83
Retry an Incomplete File84

Access Code85
Setting the Access Code85
Operating Your Machine with the Access Code (Restrict all operations)86
Operating Your Machine with the Access Code
(Restrict access of Fax Parameters only)86
Receive To Memory87
Setting the RCV To Memory Password87
Setting RCV To Memory87
Printing Out Documents88
Distinctive Ring Detector (DRD)89
Fax Cover Sheet90
General Description90
To use the Fax Cover Sheet90
PIN Code Access92
Selecting the Access Method (Prefix or Suffix)92
Dialing with a PIN Code93
Fax Forward94
Setting Fax Forward94
File Transmission95
Storing the Document(s)95
Sending the Stored Document(s)96
Deleting the Stored Document(s)97
Printing the Stored Document(s)98
Department Code99
General Description99
Setting the Department Code99
Changing or Erasing the Department Code101
Sending Document with Department Code103
Sending Document with Department Code (Voice Mode Transmission)104
Printing a Department Code List105
Printing a Department Code Journal106
Multiple LOGO108
General Description108
Setting the Multiple LOGO108
Changing or Erasing the Multiple LOGO109
Sending Document with Multiple LOGO110
Printing a Multiple Logo List111

Selective Reception113
Setting the Selective Reception.113
Password Communications114
General Description114
Compatibility with Other Machines114
Setting Password Transmission115
Setting Password Reception116
Using Password Transmission117
Using Password Reception118

Confidential Mailbox and Confidential Network Communications119
Confidential Mailbox119
Compatibility with Other Machines119
Sending a Confidential Document to a Remote Station‘s Mailbox120
Polling a Confidential Document from a Remote Station‘s Mailbox121
Receiving a Confidential Document to Your Machine‘s Mailbox122
Storing a Confidential Document in Your Machine‘s Mailbox123
Printing Out a Confidential Document from Your Machine‘s Mailbox124
Deleting a Confidential Document Stored in Your Machine‘s Mailbox125
Confidential Network Communications (Via a Center Station)126
Compatibility with Other Machines127
Setting Up Your Machine for Confidential Network Communications127
Relayed Transmission130
General Description130
Compatibility with Other Machines130
Relay Network131
Setting Up Your Machine for Relayed Transmission133
Sending a Document by Relayed Transmission137
Printouts and Reports138
General Description140
To set the Sub-address into a One-Touch/ABBR. DIaling Numbers141
To send a Document with Sub-address142

Journals and Lists143
Transaction Journal143
Individual Transmission Journal (IND. XMT JOURNAL)144
Communication Journal (COMM. JOURNAL)147
One-Touch/Abbreviated and Directory Search List149
Program List152
FAX Parameter List153

If You Have Any of These Problems155
Information Codes157
Clearing a Recording Paper Jam160
Clearing a Document Jam161
Cleaning the Document Scanning Area162
Cleaning the Printer Roller163
Adjusting the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)164
Verification Stamp165
Replacing the Lithium Battery166
Checking the Telephone Line167

Recording Paper Specifications172
Options and Supplies173
Installing the Memory Card (Flash Memory Card and / or DRAM Card)175
FCC Notice for User in USA176
Notice to User in Canada178
ITU-T Image No. 1185

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