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Ricoh Multifunction Aficio 700 User Manual

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Instruction & User Manuals

Table Of Contents

Machine Types1
What You Can Do with This Machine (Copy Mode)2
Guide To Components4
Output Tray Guide6
Control Panel8
Display Panel10
Displays and Key Operations10
Function List Based on Options13

Turning On the Power17
Turning On the Main Power17
Starting the Machine18
Shutting Down the Machine18
Turning Off the Main Power18
Sizes and Weights of Recommended Originals19
Sizes Detectable by the Auto Paper Select20
Missing Image Area21
Copy Paper23
Recommended Paper Sizes and Types23
Non-recommended Paper25
Paper Storage26
Handling Toner27
Toner Storage27
Used Toner27

Basic Procedure29
Setting Originals31
Setting Originals on the Exposure Glass31
Setting Originals in the Document Feeder32
Original Orientation33
Setting Special Originals36
Basic Functions40
Adjusting Copy Image Density40
Selecting Original Type Setting42
Selecting Copy Paper43
Auto Reduce/Enlarge47
Copying onto Tab Stock48
To Stop Scanning Temporarily67
When Memory Reaches 068
To Remove the Paper from the Staple Unit68
Copying from the Bypass Tray73
When Copying onto OHP Transparencies or Thick Paper76
Storing a Program78
Changing a Stored Program80
Deleting a Program80
Recalling a Program81
Job Preset83
Editing Job Preset84
Deleting Job Preset86
Other Functions88
Energy Saver Mode88
Interrupt Copy88
User Codes90
Auto Start90
Original Beeper91
Sample Copy91
Changing the Number of Sets92
Preset Reduce/Enlarge94
Shrink&Center mode96
Size Magnification99
Directional Magnification ()101
Directional Size Magnification (inch)104
Original Direction and Completed Copies109
Originals and Copy Direction109
Specifying Orientation of Bound Originals110
1 Sided ® 2 Sided111
2 Sided ® 2 Sided113
1 Sided 2 Pages ® Combine 1 Side117
1 Sided 4 Pages ® Combine 1 Side119
1 Sided 8 Pages ® Combine 1 Side120
1 Sided 4 Pages ® Combine 2 Side122
1 Sided 8 Pages ® Combine 2 Side123
1 Sided 16 Pages ® Combine 2 Side125
2 Sided 2 Pages ® Combine 1 Side127
2 Sided 4 Pages ® Combine 1 Side128
2 Sided 8 Pages ® Combine 1 Side130
2 Sided 4 Pages ® Combine 2 Side131
2 Sided 8 Pages ® Combine 2 Side133
2 Sided 16 Pages ® Combine 2 Side135
Series Copies138
Copying Book Originals140
Cover/Slip Sheet151
Front Cover151
Front/Back Covers154
Slip Sheets162
Double Copies165
Image Repeat167
Margin Adjustment170
Border Erase173
Center Erase175
Center/Border Erase177
Background Numbering181
Preset Stamp183
User Stamp186
Date Stamp194
Page Numbering198
Combination Chart206

3.Document Server
Document Server Features209
Features and Benefits210
On Demand Printing210
File Merge Printing211
Scanning Originals212
Printing Saved Documents216
Sample Printing218
Print First Page218
To Search by File Name219
Deleting Saved Documents220

4.Connect Copy (Option)
What is Connect Copy?223
How Connect Copy Works225
Connectable Copier Models225
Functions Not Available with Connect Copy226
Interrupt Functions226
Before You Start226
Connect Copy Display Panel227
Using Connect Copy230
Exiting Connect Copy Mode235
Printing Saved Documents with Connect Copy236
Relationship Between Master Unit and Sub-Unit System Settings... 239
Relationship Between Master Unit and Sub-Unit Copy/
Document Server Features242

5.What to Do If Something Goes Wrong
If Your Machine Does Not Operate as You Want247
Document Server250
If Connect Copy Is Cleared254
If You Cannot Exit Connect Copy255
If You Cannot Make Clear Copies257
If You Cannot Make Copies As You Want258
Adjust Image259
When Memory Is Full261
Changing the Paper Size282
Changing the Paper Size in Tray 2282
Adding Staples285
50-Sheet Finisher285
100 Percent-Sheet Finisher287
Booklet Finisher290
e Removing Jammed Staples293
50-Sheet Finisher293
100 Percent-Sheet Finisher295
Booklet Finisher298
Removing Punch Waste301
50-Sheet Finisher301
100 Percent-Sheet Finisher302

6.User Tools (Copy/Document Server Features)
Accessing the User Tools (Copy/Document Server Features)305
Exiting From the User Tools306
User Tools Menu (Copy/Document Server Features)308
Settings You Can Change with the User Tools310
General Features 1/3310
General Features 2/3313
General Features 3/3314
Reproduction Ratio 1/2315
Reproduction Ratio 2/2316
Page Format 1/2317
Page Format 2/2320
Stamp Setting323
Count Manager331

Do‘s And Don‘ts333
Where to Put Your Machine334
Machine Environment334
Power Connection335
Access to the Machine336
Maintaining Your Machine337
Cleaning the Exposure Glass337
Cleaning the Document Feeder337
Loading Paper263
Loading Paper in Tray 1 (Tandem Tray)263
Loading Paper in Tray 2 or 3265
Loading Paper in the Large Capacity Tray266
Changing the Toner Bottle268
Clearing Misfeeds270

Document Feeder343
50-Sheet Finisher344
100 Percent-Sheet Finisher346
Booklet Finisher348
Punch Kit (Option)350
Output Tray (Option)351
Large Capacity Tray (LCT) (Option)352
Copy Connector Cable (Option)353


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