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101 Tips For Grow And Enjoy Your Ogrganic Gar With Plr

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Nows your chance to look inside my expert guide to see what YOU will learn about gardening with roses:

= Learn the 8 most important factors when selecting the rose that is right for you. (Pages 4-4)

= Discover the rose that grows upwards like vines - perfect for trellises or the side of a building. (Page 7)

= Realize that rain water alone is not enough for your roses. (Page 11)

= Discover why morning sunlight can be very valuable when planting. (Page 18)

= 8 tips for planting your potted roses successfully. (Pages 17-19)

= 22 key tips to follow when planting organic roses. (Pages 19-22)

= Find out what to look for when purchasing organic roses. (Page 19)

= Learn which watering technique to avoid because of the threat of fungal diseases. (Page 11)

= Find out which season is the best time for roses to be planted - in order to have the best chances of survival. (Page 10)

= Learn when you may need to cut the roots of organic roses to encourage proper growth. (Pages 20-21)

= Understand the proper methods for watering your organic roses. (Page 21)

= Discover the easiest way to prevent diseases from taking over your roses. (Page 23)

= 6 simple steps for keeping your roses healthy. (Pages 23-24)

= Discover a tactic that can only be performed before planting that will give your roses room to grow. Very important if you ever want to pull the roses up and place in a pot. (Page 10)

= Understand that roses need almost as much water as WE do! (Page 11)

= Understand why roses droop and how to prevent it from happening. (Page 34)

= Understand the importance of fertilizer on your roses life. (Page 12)

= Find out which roses to stay away from if you have severe allergies. (Page 7)

= Discover the rose that is the beautiful result of cross-breeding two popular roses - taking the best traits of each flower. (Page 8)

= 5 simple steps to air drying your roses - keep them forever! (Page 29)

= Learn how 7-Up can be used to help prevent bacteria - no Im not kidding! (Page 34)

= 7 special occasions in which sending roses would be more than ideal. (Page 35)

= Understand the importance of pH levels when planting roses. (Page 9)

= Understand that Black Spots are more than just a description, but a fungal disease and how to remedy the situation. (Pages 24-25)

= Realize a crucial time in your roses lifecycle and how to treat it appropriately. (Page 9)

= Understand the importance of the height of a rose and how it can effect the look of your garden, for better or for worse! (Page 5)

= Realize the effect of cold winters on your roses. (Page 5)

= Understand which roses can be cut and made into bouquets, and which will just fall apart. (Page 5)

= Learn which roses are perfect for the novice gardener. (Page 7)

= Learn how to use fertilization to keep your plants healthy. (Page 10)

= Learn when NOT to fertilize your roses - doing so could be disastrous. (Page 12)

= 17 steps to professionally sand drying your roses - decorate your house! (Pages 29-31)

= Find out whether cold climate roses are right for you! Hint: Your climate is not the only determining factor. (Page 31)

= Find out the best place to plant your roses in order for them to grow properly. (Page 9)

= 8 cold climate flowers you may want to search your local garden center for. (Page 32)

= 9 steps to taking care of your roses to ensure longevity. (Pages 13-14)

= Find out which fertilizer is best to use for your roses. (Page 12)

= Learn which rose remains gorgeous even when not in bloom! (Page 7)

= Learn which season is most suitable for pruning. (Page 13)

= Discover how mulching can cut down on maintenance considerably. (Page 14)

= Find out which rose is perfect for indoor planting. (Page 8)

= Learn to find out which rose is best suited for your location and expertise level. (Page 9)

= 7 steps to restoring drooping roses. (Pages 33-34)

= Learn a simple technique for protecting your roses during the winter months. (Page 14)

= Learn to prepare your pruning shears in order to protect your flowers from diseases and insects. (Page 15)

= Realize that you need to start pruning before this happens... (Find out what this is inside) (Page 15)

= 11 tips for properly pruning your roses. (Pages 15-17)

= Find out the best time of year for transferring planted, potted roses to your garden. (Page 17)

= Learn how to rid your flowers of aphids and spider mites - they can be hazardous to your roses health. (Page 24)

= Learn to bring your roses back to health from 6 different common insects and diseases. (Pages 24-26)

= 6 steps for giving your roses the boost they need in springtime. (Pages 26-28)

= 4 different ways to prepare roses to send to a friend or loved one. (Pages 36-37)

And theres MUCH more - guaranteed!

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