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This software does the following for you:

. Converts YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, VK, SoundCloud, Instagram, AOL, RedTube, and XVideos content (11 of the most popular video/audio hosting sites in the world)
. Outputs converted files to mp3, aac, m4a, mp4, webm, f4v, and/or 3gp formats
. Enables volume adjustment prior to conversion via jQuery slider control
. Displays download AND conversion progress via corresponding progress bars
. Leverages the power of FFmpeg ( to create crisp, clean, quality conversions of audio/video files.
. Reduces server load by skipping FFmpeg conversion for video/audio file types (i.e., mp4 or mp3) that are already available from the video/audio hosting sites
. Further reduces server load by providing users with a conversion "cancel" button that aborts ongoing conversions and subsequently kills unnecessary FFmpeg processes
. Minimizes bandwidth required for YouTube video conversion to audio formats (like mp3, aac, and m4a) by directly downloading audio from YouTube if it is available!
. Includes a tool that crops converted audio AND video files (with live preview of converted media during cropping process!)
. Provides an editor for converted mp3/aac/m4a file meta data (ID3 tags), to control track information displayed on some audio players.
. Integrates "Saver" buttons that enable converted files to be saved to site users' accounts (in the "cloud") in addition to regular file download.
. Includes JavaScript bookmarklet/browser plugin that enables your site visitors to convert videos directly on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Metacafe video pages. Bookmarklet loads conversion interface directly into video page, and forwards user to your site for actual conversion and converted file retrieval.
. Enables multi-language support via a corresponding drop down menu and XML translation files
. Dynamically changes HTML title and meta tag content to reflect information about the currently converting video/audio (i.e., the song title)
. Allows a user to share a "direct-to-conversion" URL and post it on a variety of social networking sites following download/conversion, so that the user's friends can automatically download/convert the same video/audio by simply clicking on the posted link! This feature is triggered when the user clicks to download his/her converted file, and the frequency that the share option appears is adjustable.
. Provides the ability to easily incorporate static pages (i.e., About, FAQ, and Contact pages) as well as rudimentary "templating" support for (primarily) static pages via common header/footer files
. Initiates conversions via form submission (POST request) as well as URL query string (GET request)
. Automatically updates the code required to decipher changing, encrypted, YouTube video signatures
. Optionally rotates between multiple outgoing IPs for YouTube downloads/conversions to avoid temporary IP bans and/or CAPTCHAs imposed by YouTube.
. Validates video/audio URLs prior to conversion
. Facilitates the addition of more video hosting sites as well as converted file types (by editing the code)
. Expanded Config file for a more customizable interface (i.e., easy access to FFmpeg commands for different converted file types and the ability to configure default video/audio qualities, default volume, and maximum allowed length of video/audio content)
. Secures access to the server so that FFmpeg commands can only be run if a unique token is present
. Includes script that can be run as a scheduled task on the server, that regularly deletes old converted files
. Programmed entirely in easy-to-read PHP OOP (Object Oriented Programming), JavaScript/jQuery, and CSS to facilitate effortless editing/customization of code

This software requires the following server configuration:

. Linux, Windows, or XAMPP/WAMP server
. For commercial servers: Shared, Dedicated, and VPS hosting supported
. Apache or IIS
. PHP 5.3+
. cURL and PHP cURL extension enabled
. ffmpeg.exe (executable file, provided in Win32 distribution of this software!) for Windows & XAMPP/WAMP; FFmpeg and codecs packages (libvorbis, libvpx, libmp3lame, libx264, and/or aac codecs) installed on Linux
. MySQL, PHP MySQLi extension enabled, and additional IPs configured as outgoing network interfaces (only required IF using IP rotation feature)
. id3.exe (executable file, provided in Win32 distribution of this software!) for Windows & XAMPP/WAMP; 'id3v2' package installed on Linux
. That's it!


. Unpack/Unzip the distribution file and upload the contents to a new directory on your web server via FTP
- This directory should be set to the lowest permissions possible that still enable programmatic creation, opening, and modification of the containing files
. Ensure that the 'logs', 'output', 'output_edited', and 'videos' folders (in your new directory), as well as software.xml, have write permissions
- On Linux systems, this generally means marking the folders/files with chmod 0777
. Set the location of FFmpeg in Config.class.php via the _FFMPEG constant
- On windows systems, this is something like /YourDirectory/ffmpeg.exe
- On Linux, this will generally be something like /usr/bin/ffmpeg or /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg
. Configure additional constants/variables in Config.class.php as needed
. Set up schedule.php as a scheduled task (or cron job on Linux systems) if you require old, converted files to be deleted on a regular basis
- The age of files marked for deletion is configurable via _MAX_AGE_FILES constant in Config.class.php
- It is recommended that the scheduled task run daily
. IF you want to rotate outgoing IPs for YouTube downloads/conversions:
- Set the corresponding constant values in Config.class.php
- Configure additional IPs as outgoing network interfaces
- Use the SQL in 'docs/ips.sql' to build the required database table
. Navigate to index.php of your new directory, and start converting videos!


. 100 percent Free support for life!
. New versions of the software are emailed to you as they are released, for FREE!
. Support for this script is provided via the following online forum thread:
. Notifications about Patches/Fixes to the code will be posted in that forum thread


. [new!] Live demo site, maintained by the developer, demonstrating the most recent version of the software, can be accessed via the following forum post:
. video conversion to MP4 format (
. video conversion to FLV format (
. video conversion to MP3 format and ringtone (
. Volume slider control (
. Conversion bookmarklet/browser plugin (
. Multi-language support and a sexy, new default design (
. MP3 meta data (ID3 tags) editor (
. Video cropping with live preview (
. Conversion cancel button and improved design (


. Linux Installation - Part #1 (
. Linux Installation - Part #2 (
. Linux Installation - Part #3 (

Extended License:

. If you plan to load this software on multiple websites and/or repackage all or some of the software code in your own application that is redistributed and/or sold for profit, then you MUST buy an extended license. An extended license costs $409.50 (the cost of 10 individual licenses). There are no exceptions to this rule, and violators will be prosecuted. Please contact me at chump2877 [at] yahoo [dot] com to arrange the purchase of an extended license.

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YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter :: PHP Script for Win32 Systems
YouTube-to-Mp3 Converter :: PHP Script for Win32 Systems

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