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How to Make Honduran Tamale Cuisine Recipes

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One of the best ways to capture the flavor of Honduras is through its exquisite food. Succulent, well-seasoned dishes are prepared throughout the country and are among the proudest traditions of the Honduran people. This is why I would like to take this opportunity to share with those of you lovers of fine Honduran cuisine and culinary art, this ebook (electronic book) called The Beauty of Honduran Cuisine (in English) which contains a recompilation of the most typical and traditional Honduran recipes. Once your payment is received through Paypal, automatically you will receive an email containing the link where you will be able to download your ebook as a PDF file with easiness.

If for any reason you do not feel satisfied with the purchase, you may write to me at and I will gladly reimburse your money, so you got nothing to lose. Enjoy these delicacies and share them with friends and family! With this said, I would like to wish you, buen apetito!

Here you can see what this recipes ebook offers you!


1. Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding)

2. Arroz con Pollo (Rice with Chicken)

3. Atol Agrio (Sour Corn Beverage)

4. Atol de Elote (Hot Corn Beverage)

5. Atol de Maicena (Hot Corn Starch Beverage)

6. Atol Shuco (Black Maize Beverage)

7. Baleadas (Corn Tortillas Stuffed with Cheese and Beans)

8. Batido de Naranjas (Orange Shake)

9. Budin de Platano (Plantain Pudding)

10. Capirotadas (Cheese and Cornmeal Balls)

11. Caracoles Fritos de Roatan (Roatan Conch Fritters)

12. Catrachitas (Traditional Honduran Tostadas)

13. Ceviche de Camarones (Shrimp Ceviche)

14. Ceviche de Caracol (Conch Ceviche)

15. Ceviche de Pescado (Fish Ceviche)

16. Chancletas (Pumpkin Dish)

17. Chilate (Hot Corn Beverage)

18. Chile con Pollo (Chicken Chili)

19. Chimol (Tomato, Green Pepper, Onion and Cilantro Salad)

20. Chismol para las Pupusas (Salad for the Pupusas)

21. Choco-Bananos (Frozen Bananas Covered with Chocolate)

22. Conserva de Coco (Coconut Sweets)

23. Coyoles en Miel (Coyoles in Syrup)

24. Curry de Caracoles Exoticos (Exotic Curry Cunch Chowder)

25. Dulce de Manzanas (Apple Sweets)

26. Dulce de Mazapan (Sweet Milk Treat)

27. Dulce de Naranjas (Orange Sweets)

28. Dulce de Palmito (Palm Heart Sweets)

29. Dulces de Tamarindo (Tamarind Sweets)

30. Duraznos en Miel (Peaches in Syrup)

31. Dulce de Leche (Caramelized Milk Treat)

32. Enchiladas Hondureñas de Res (Honduran Beef Enchiladas)

33. Enchiladas Hondureñas de Pollo (Honduran Chicken Enchiladas)

34. Espumillas (Egg White Treat)

35. Flan de Coco (Coconut Flan)

36. Flan de Leche (Caramel Custard)

37. Fresco de Arrayán (Arrayan Drink)

38. Fresco de Horchata Tradicional Hondurena (Traditional Honduran Horchata)

39. Fresco de Horchata de Arroz (Rice Horchata Drink)

40. Fresco de Maracuyá o Fruta de la pasión (Fruit Passion Drink)

41. Fresco de Tamarindo (Tamarind Drink)

42. Guacamole Hondureno (Honduran Guacamole)

43. Hiyú (Garifuna Refreshing Drink)

44. Huevos Con Salsa De Chiles (Eggs Poached in Chili Sauce)

45. Jalea de Guayaba de Roatan (Roatan Guava Jam)

46. Jugo de Papaya (Papaya Juice)

47. Langosta a la Hondurena (Honduran Style Lobster)

48. Macheteadas (Flour Fritters)

49. Machuca (Garifuna Smashed Plantains)

50. Mango Chutney (Mango Dessert)

51. Mangos en Miel (Mangoes in Syrup)

52. Mangos Horneados de Roatan (Roatan Baked Mango Dessert)

53. Marquesote (Sweet Bread)

54. Mermelada de Piña para Pastelitos de Pina (Pineapple Marmalade for Pineapple Pies)

55. Mistela (Honduran Traditional Drink)

56. Montucas (Corn Tamales)

57. Nacatamales (Honduran Tamales)

58. Nances en Miel (Nances in Syrup Dessert)

59. Nuégados de Yuca (Yucca Fritters)

60. Pan de Banana (Banana Bread)

61. Pan de Coco (Coconut Bread)

62. Pan de Elote (Corn Bread)

63. Pan de Yema (Yolk Bread)

64. Pan de Yuca (Cassava Bread)

65. Panqueques de Plátanos (Plantain Pancakes)

66. Pastel de Limón (Lemon Cake)

67. Pastel de Zanahorias (Carrot Cake)

68. Pastel de Carne (Meat Pie)

69. Pastel de Leche (Milk Pudding Pie)

70. Pescado al Ajillo (Fish with Garlic)

71. Pescado Frito con Tajadas de Plátano (Fried Fish with Plantain Chips)

72. Piña en Miel (Pineapple in Syrup)

73. Plátanos en Gloria (Plantains in Glory Dessert)

74. Plátanos en Miel (Plantains in Syrup Dessert)

75. Plátanos Fritos (Fried Sweet Plantains)

76. Plátanos Horneados (Baked Sweet Plantains)

77. Pollo en Salsa a la Hondureña (Honduran Chicken In Sauce)

78. Pollo con Arroz y Vegetales (Chicken with Rice and Veggies)

79. Pollo Horneado Hondureño (Honduran Baked Chicken)

80. Pollo Sancochado (Boiled Chicken)

81. Ponche de Frutas Caliente (Hot Fruit Punch)

82. Ponche De Pina Navideno (Christmas Pineapple Punch)

83. Preparando los Caracoles (Preparing Conch)

84. Pupusas

85. Quesadilla Hondurena (Honduran Cheese Bread)

86. Relampagos (Pastry with Cream Filling)

87. Ríguas (Corn Patties in Plantain Leaves)

88. Rompopo (Honduran Eggnog)

89. Salpicón (Chopped Beef Meat)

90. Salsa de Mango (Mango Sauce)

91. Salsa de Mango y Aguacate (Mango Avocado Sauce)

92. Semita (Layered Bread with Pineapple Marmalade Filling)

93. Sopa de Albondigas (Meatballs Soup)

94. Sopa de Capirotadas (Cheese and Cornmeal Balls Soup)

95. Sopa de Frijoles Negros Estilo Hondureño (Honduran Style Black Bean Soup)

96. Sopa de Mondongo (Tripe Soup)

97. Tabletas de Coco (Baked Coconut)

98. Tacos Hondurenos (Honduran Tacos)

99. Tajadas (Fried Plantains)

100. Tamales de Elote (Corn Tamales)

101. Tamales Pisques (Pisque Tamales)

102. Tapado de Pescado (Fish Soup)

103. Tapao (Garifuna Tapao)

104. Té de Pina (Pineapple Tea)

105. Ticucos (Travel Tamales)

106. Torrejas (Christmas Pastry)

107. Torta de Yuca (Yucca Cake)

108. Tortillas de Harina (Flour Tortillas)

109. Tortillas de Maiz Hondurnas (Honduran Corn Tortillas)

110. Tortilla de Yuca (Yucca Tortilla)

111. Tortitas (Meatballs in Tomato Sauce)

112. Tostones (Green Plaintain Chips)

113. Tres Leches (Three Milks Cake)

114. Vinagre de Piña (Pineapple Vinegar)

115. Yuca con Chicharron (Yucca with Pork Dish)

That´s not it!!

With he purchase of this ebook, you will also be recieving as a gift the Spanish versión of this ebook called La Belleza de la Cocina Hondureña!!

Here´s what the Spanish versión of this ebook offers you:


1. Arroz con Camarones

2. Arroz con Cerdo

3. Arroz con Leche

4. Arroz con Pasas

5. Atol

6. Atol Agrio

7. Atol Chuco

8. Atol de Elote

9. Ayotes en Miel

10. Baleada

11. Bananas en Gloria

12. Brazo Relleno

13. Budín de Plátanos

14. Capirotadas

15. Carne Asada de Cerdo al Horno

16. Carne Prensada

17. Catrachitas

18. Cazuela Estilo Hondureño

19. Ceviche de Caracol

20. Chancletas

21. Chilate

22. Chile con Pollo

23. Chocolmo

24. Chorizos Olanchanos

25. Conservas de Coco

26. Conservas de Manzanita

27. Coyoles en Miel

28. Curile

29. Dulce con Leche

30. Dulce de Manzanas

31. Dulce de Mazapán

32. Dulce de Naranja

33. Dulce de Palmito

34. Dulce de Tamarindo

35. Duraznos en Miel

36. Empanadas de Mantequilla

37. Empanadilla de Queso

38. Enchiladas a la Catracha

39. Ensalada de Repollo

40. Espumillas

41. Fajitas Agridulces

42. Fresco de Horchata, Arrayán, Granadía, Maracuyá y Melón

43. Fritas de Elote

44. Frito Cocido

45. Galletas de Maicena

46. Galletas de Piña

47. Guacamole Hondureño

48. Guisado Hondureño

49. Jamo o Iguana

50. Jugo de Papaya y Batido de Naranja

51. Leche Merengueada

52. Lechón al Horno

53. Lentejas Guisadas

54. Macheteadas

55. Mangos Borrachos

56. Mangos en Miel

57. Marquesote

58. Mistela

59. Montucas

60. Moronga o Morcillas

61. Mousse de Frutillas

62. Nances en Guaro

63. Nances en Miel

64. Nuégados

65. Pan de Coco

66. Pan o Flan de Maíz

67. Pancakes de Plátano

68. Pasteles de Leche

69. Pasteles de Navidad

70. Pastelitos de Carne

71. Pastelitos de Frijoles

72. Pavo a la Olanchana

73. Picadillo

74. Plátanos en Gloria

75. Plátanos en Miel

76. Pollo Borracho

77. Pollo con Loroco

78. Pollo en Piña

79. Ponche Caliente

80. Ponche de Frutas

81. Pupusas de Frijoles

82. Queque de Banana

83. Quesadilla

84. Riguas

85. Rompopo

86. Rosquillas

87. Rosquillas o Buñuelos en Miel

88. Salpicón

89. Sapotillos

90. Semita

91. Sopa de Albóndigas

92. Sopa de Almejas

93. Sopa de Capirotadas

94. Sopa de Caracol

95. Sopa de Frijoles Blancos

96. Sopa de Frijoles con Chicharrón

97. Sopa de Jaibas

98. Sopa de Mondongo

99. Sopa de Olla

100. Sopa de Tortuga

101. Tabletas de Coco

102. Tabletas de Jengibre

103. Tacos Hondureños

104. Tamales Hondureños

105. Tamalitos de Elote

106. Tamales Navideños

107. Tamales Pisques

108. Tapado Costeño

109. Tapado de Carne Salada con Coco

110. Tapado de Carne y Pescado

111. Tapado de Pescado con Coco

112. Tapado de Pescado Seco

113. Tapado Olanchano

114. Ticucos

115. Ticucos Copanecos

116. Torrejas

117. Tortas de Arroz con de Leche

118. Tortas de Plátano

119. Tortillas de Maíz

120. Tortillas de Trigo

121. Tortillas de Yuca

122. Yuca con Chicharrón

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