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Palm Zire 21 Manual

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Palm Zire 21 User & Instruction Manual
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Table Of Contents
About This Book

Setting Up Your Palm Zire 21 Handheld
Minimum requirements: Windows computers
Minimum requirements: Mac computers
Upgrade information
Step 1: Charge your handheld
Step 2: Set up your handheld
Step 3: Install software
Step 4: Connect the HotSync® cable to the computer
Step 5: Perform a HotSync operation

Exploring Your Handheld
Locating handheld components
Locating front panel controls
Locating top panel components
Locating side and back panel components
Tapping and typing
Elements of the handheld interface

Entering Data on Your Handheld
Using the onscreen keyboard
Using Graffiti 2 writing to enter data
Graffiti 2 tips
Graffiti 2 alphabet
Capital letters
Graffiti 2 numbers
Punctuation marks
Accented characters
Symbols and other special characters
Graffiti 2 Gestures
Graffiti 2 ShortCuts
Full-screen writing area
Using your computer keyboard
Importing data
Importing data from a Windows computer
Importing data from a Mac computer
Beaming data
Beaming tips
Using Note Pad

Working with Applications
Opening applications
Switching between applications
Categorizing applications
Changing the Home screen display
Selecting copy settings
Using menus
Choosing a menu
Choosing application preferences
Performing common tasks
Creating records
Editing records
Deleting records
Purging records
Categorizing records
Finding information
Sorting lists of records
Attaching notes
Choosing fonts
Receiving alerts
Hiding or masking private records
Installing and removing applications
Installing files and add-on applications
Installing applications and files on a Windows computer
Palm Quick Install tips
Installing applications and files on a Mac computer
Removing applications
Removing Palm Desktop software

Using Address Book
Creating an Address Book entry
Selecting types of phone numbers
Changing Address Entry details
Using Address Book menus

Using Calculator
Performing calculations
Viewing Recent Calculations

Using Date Book
Scheduling an event
Setting an alarm for an event
Scheduling repeating or continuous events
Changing the Date Book view
Working in Week View
Working in Month View
Working in Agenda View
Spotting event conflicts
Using Date Book menus
Options menu

Using Expense
Adding expense items
Changing the date of an Expense item
Entering receipt details
Customizing the Currency pick list
Changing the default currency
Defining a custom currency symbol
Setting Show Options
Working with Expense data on your computer
Using Expense menus
Options menu

Using Memo Pad
Creating memos
Reviewing memos
Using Memo Pad menus
Options menus

Using Note Pad
Creating a note
Reviewing notes
Setting an alarm for a note
Using Note Pad menus
Record menu
Options menus

Using To Do List
Creating list items
Setting priority
Checking off a To Do List item
Changing To Do List item details
Setting a due date
Setting To Do Preferences

Using World Clock
Viewing the time
Setting the primary location
Choosing a different primary location
Setting the secondary locations
Adding a location
Modifying a location
Removing a location
Setting an alarm
Using World Clock menus

Performing HotSync Operations
Selecting HotSync setup options
Customizing HotSync application settings
Conducting cable HotSync operations
Performing a cable HotSync operation: Windows computers
Performing a cable HotSync operation: Mac computers
Conducting IR HotSync operations
Preparing your computer for infrared communication
Performing an IR HotSync operation
Returning to cable HotSync operations
Conducting network HotSync operations
Connecting to your companys dial-in server
Selecting the conduits for a network HotSync operation
Performing a network HotSync operation
Using File Link
Creating a user profile
Performing the first HotSync operation with a user profile

Setting Preferences for Your Handheld
Setting General Preferences
Date & Time Preferences
Digitizer Preferences
Formats Preferences
Graffiti 2 Preferences
Power Preferences
Security Preferences
Sounds & Alerts Preferences
Writing Area Preferences
Setting Communication Preferences
Connection Preferences
Network Preferences
Setting Personal Preferences
Buttons Preferences
Keylock Preferences
Owner Preferences
ShortCuts Preferences

Appendix A: Maintaining Your Handheld
Caring for your handheld
Prolonging battery life
Resetting your handheld
Performing a soft reset
Performing a hard reset

Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions
Software installation problems
Operating problems
Tapping and writing problems
Application problems
HotSync problems
Beaming problems
Recharging problems
Password problems
Technical support

Product Regulatory Information

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