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"Do You Know What The 3 Biggest Income Generating Opportunities On The World Wide Web Are And What They All Have In Common?"
Plus: How To Guide Your Online Business To Reach Its Fullest Earning Potential In The Simplest Way Possible!

Dear NETrepreneur,

Ok, so you want to earn some money online, eh?

And not just some money, but really serious money, too. A substantial amount of income, even. Well, let me give you a valuable piece of information right now. On the Internet, there is an online bulletin board populated by the most successful online businessmen you can find anywhere. A study conducted on that same board revealed that according to these online tycoons, these are the 3 most effective methods for becoming successful at your online business:

1. Create and sell your own digital product 27.3

2. Use Pay-Per-Click programs, especially Google's AdSense 19.2

3. Enroll in Affiliate programs 18.9

So it goes to show that getting rich through an online business means that you should be concentrating on these three methods.

I also mentioned that they all have something in common, right? This common factor is very, very important - a critical ingredient, if you will. If this one factor is neglected or not developed to its full capabilities, then you should say goodbye to any hopes you've ever had of achieving online financial success.

So what is this most important common factor?

All of these 3 methods need a website.

Websites And Online Business

Ever since the first merchant put up the first store in the history of the world, people have become used to buying and selling products through "brick and mortar" stores. But that's in the real world. Inside the World Wide Web, however, online businessmen don't have options like that.

So how can they sell their products?

Online businessmen need an online presence - a virtual store - so that they can:

1. Put their products on display;

2. Have a location they can direct their customers to; and

3. Facilitate purchases and other transactions.

You will need a website to do all these things. If you have your own website, you'll have your own piece of property on the Internet where you can carry on all your online business. Do all that you need to do for your business as if you have your own "bricks and mortar" store. Promote your products, display them and talk about them on your website. Advertise and invite potential customers to visit your virtual store. Want to enjoy the convenience of automating all your store's operations? A website is the foundation of online automation as we know it today.

To sum things up, you simply need to have your own website if you want to establish a profitable online business.

Websites And Affiliate Programs

Of course, there are people that say otherwise. Several online businessmen, in fact, argue that entrepreneurs can still make money off the Internet even without having their own websites. They point to affiliate marketing as an example, where people can earn money through commissions made by promoting affiliate links.

But look at it this way: if these affiliates had their own websites, they will get more prospects, lose fewer leads, and certainly earn more money. They'd have the option of directing their prospects to their website to view all their products, instead of simply relying on links.

The end result? Their income increases three to four times what it used to be.

What's more, this website will become a permanent establishment for their business until it is removed, so all prospective customers can go back and view the products anytime they need to.

Websites And PPC Programs

PPC programs (Pay Per Click) are also lucrative methods for earning money online. The most popular PPC program today is Google(R) AdSense(TM), of course.

How do PPC programs earn money for users? The website owner enrolls in the program and displays ads that are relevant to the context of their site's content. The website owner then earns a specific amount for every click on the ads.

How big can your earnings be? It can be more than you might expect. Lots of online entrepreneurs have already earned thousands of dollars by enrolling in PPC programs and installing their ads on their websites.

What's their secret, you ask?

They can do this because they have their own website. The most successful online businessmen doesn't stop with one website, either; they maintain dozens or hundreds of these moneymaking sites, each enrolled in lucrative PPC programs like Google(R) AdSense(TM).

Think about it. If a single website can earn even just $5.00 a day (which is really small by today's standards), how much money can 100 websites earn in just 1 day?

Websites And Direct Product Selling

Creating and selling your own digital products is one of the best ways of earning considerable money online. If you have your own digital product and sell it yourself (thus keeping all selling rights), you've definitely got a surefire moneymaker on your hands.

Want a tip? Don't stop cranking out products. Ever. If you have more products to sell, you'll have a greater advantage when doing business online. Much like in real life, actually. You've got more products - that means more profits. You can even combine products and sell them as packages, which consumers will find hard to resist.

You can get profitable deals for joint ventures using these products - which can earn you as much as 700 in profits. How about creating mailing lists built solely around these products? The products you create can serve as the foundation for a viral marketing campaign to advertise your business.

Here's another tip: Each product you create should preferably have its own website.

You will need a sales page for each product if you're planning on selling it, whether as a stand-alone item or as part of a package.

If you're going to use the product to attract more subscribers to your mailing list, you're going to need a website to serve as your capture page.

Get The Message?

If you want to earn big-time money online, then you gotta have your own website. Your business is going to start from that site. It's going to be your online company's headquarters; your virtual store, the foundation for your online business and the center cog for its operations.

Your online business needs a website!

No arguments about it.

Don't take any shortcuts if you want to achieve that success you've always dreamed of. Yes, you do need a website. You need to invest in the one thing that will characterize your whole business. This website will be the cornerstone of your financial success later on.

In plain terms:

If you have a website, you'll succeed.

No website? You'll fail.

The Problem With Websites

I have been an active player in this industry for several years now. During those years, I can safely estimate that more or less 32 of all online entrepreneurs are running their businesses without a website.

Now why would that be?

I interviewed a lot of them to find out the answers, and from what I have gathered, these are the most common reasons:

1. Simple ignorance. Surprisingly, a lot of Internet businessmen are not aware of the benefits that they can get from having their own websites. Most of them don't even want to make a measly investment that is needed to create and maintain a website, including the purchase of a domain name and hosting the site itself. They don't realize that investing that small amount can lead to an amazingly huge ROI later on!

2. They don't have the knowledge or skills. This is another common misconception. A lot of online businessmen I interviewed are actually aware that having their own websites could prove invaluable. Their problem is that they don't know how to create one. They don't have any HTML, PHP, CSS or any other programming skills needed today.

3. It's too expensive to buy a quality HTML editor. Yes, of course there are lots of fully-featured tools and editors that online entrepreneurs can use to build their websites. But the prices that these HTML editors fetch will often scare the living daylights out of them, especially for first-time Internet businessmen. The result? They forget about creating a website altogether.

4. HTML editors are too complicated. A lot of webpage editors describe themselves as user-friendly and intuitive. But are they really? Try to make a short list of the most popular website creation software today. Looking at that list, do you think an average person can create a website immediately using these software, and without being given basic training beforehand?

5. Slow HTML editing software. When you need to create a lot of web pages for your online business, using customary HTML editors will use up a lot of hours. Every web page you create will have to built from scratch. What makes it worse is that almost nothing is automated, so you'd have to do the whole thing manually.

When I consider these obstacles, it comes as no surprise that countless online businessmen have given up having websites for their Internet business - before even getting started.

But not having a website of their own is a grave mistake that is costing them thousands of dollars in potential earnings, especially when you think about the impact and advantages that websites give to online businesses.

You Can Create Your Own Websites Fast And Easy!

Let me present to you the best solution for all the problems that we talked about earlier. All the possible excuses that online businessmen have been using for not having their own website will be wiped out.

What's this solution, then? It's called...
Turbo Website GENERATOR

Turbo Website GENERATOR

The Best Solution For Creating Websites The Fast and Easy Way!

You might've guessed that the Turbo Website Generator is not your usual, run-of-the-mill HTML editor. And you're right. This website creator is designed to be FAST and EFFICIENT, and able to generate all the web pages you need without the hard work that usually goes into it.

What's that, you say? You don't know anything about HTML? Hey - you don't have to! With the Turbo Website Generator, the whole operation of creating websites has been trimmed down to 3 convenient steps:

1. Pick.
2. Paste.
3. Publish.

You can save all the templates you like in the Turbo Website Generator and use them later on for your web pages. Once they are stored, all you need to do is to PICK out any template to be the base for your website creation.

After that, you just need to copy/paste all the content you want to include into the body of your web page.

Here's a surprise: after you've finished copy-pasting the content, you'll discover that the Turbo Website Generator has automatically created a congruent website out of the pages you've been working on. You want to add more pages? Go ahead! The Turbo Website Generator will automatically update the created website to include your new pages.

When you're all done and your website is ready for the world, just click on a button and your website is up and running on the World Wide Web!

The great features of the Turbo Website Generator allow you to:

Design webpage templates easily and quickly through a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) interface.

Create complete websites out of the included templates in the Turbo Website Generator, for even easier and faster website creation!

Easily create text blocks for each and every web page.

Create all the web pages you want out of the templates you have prepared or stored, or you can start from scratch and design whole new pages to be different.

Create your web pages FAST. The intelligent system of the Turbo Website Generator makes adding new content a breeze. It automatically refreshes the text area when you type in a new entry, but it doesn't erase the template's code. All you'd have to do is add your website's content. The Turbo Website Generator does the rest for you!

EXCLUSIVE: Enter and manage #tags# in your site's source code. And even this job is automated! The Turbo Website Generator has a convenient feature that automatically straightens out all the #tags# you define. So you don't have to pore over mind-numbing blocks of code just to insert a #tag# at a specific location. Now how easy is that?

Name and rename any web page to anything you want. This feature is particularly valuable for organic SEO practices, since the page title (which contains important keywords or key phrases) is one of the first items that search engine spiders look for. It also makes creating easy-to-remember web pages a lot easier and faster. Now you don't have to resign yourself to seeing your web page named as Why not name your page as instead?

EXCLUSIVE: Create your website using the reverse method. Start with the web pages, then compile them to create your website! Of course, every process will be automated as usual. Just tell the Turbo Website Generator which pages you want compiled, and it will handle the hard part for you.

Add or remove web pages from any website project easily. All you need to do is point and click.

Do you see what you're getting here? Incomparable ease of use, truly flexible features, and powerful applications... you can enjoy all of these with the Turbo Website Generator!

Want to maximize the fantastic features that the Turbo Website Generator has? I'll tell you how!

Do you see yourself creating hundreds, or even thousands, of niche sites for generating a substantial income from PPC programs? The Turbo Website Generator will be your best assistant for the job. Use the Turbo Website Generator to build hundreds of quality niche sites in half the time it usually takes! Do you have the content already prepared? Then you could create hundreds of websites in just a few hours!

If you want to establish an affiliate program in your website, you can use the Turbo Website Generator to provide all your affiliates with superb promotional tools such as their own web pages! They can use your template and modify it according to their individual needs using the Turbo Website Generator.

If you're doing business as an affiliate, a separate webpage for each product you're endorsing will come in handy. The Turbo Website Generator allows you to create as many webpages as you need to boost your promotional capabilities and your earnings - just minutes after enrolling in that affiliate program!

Do you create digital products by the truckload and even sell them yourself? Then you will need sales pages or description pages for each and every one of them, whether you're marketing your products individually or as part of a package. The Turbo Website Generator is the only website creation program that can keep pace with your productivity, and churn out quality webpages as fast as you have products for them (maybe even faster).

Or maybe you just have a deep-down desire to create websites? The Turbo Website Generator combines powerful features with utmost simplicity of use to let you design and publish websites to your heart's content!

Trust me on this. You just can't hope to earn bigtime bucks online without getting yourself a website. (or several websites, as the case is oftentimes.)

When you need to establish an online presence for your business, the Turbo Website Generator will be your most valuable partner.

Get going and order the Turbo Website Generator right now - your earnings are waiting for you on the Internet!

Turbo Website Generator is a PHP/MySQL script. It will work on any server supporting PHP!

A manual for the Turbo Website Generator is also included!

The Turbo Website Generator - The Best Solution For Creating Websites The Fast and Easy Way!

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