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xtract content from your eBooks and turn them into something completely new!
Have You Planned The New Media Revolution Into Your Current Business For Maximum Profits?

New Video Series Reveals How You Can Create Interactive Audio Courses That Your Customers Will LOVE Without You Having To Speak A Single Word!..

Niche marketing is truly an amazing way to make money online. With the rapid change of the Internet, the number of internet users increasing every day, there is more opportunity to make money than ever before.

But you need to stay away from the biz opp and internet marketing markets if you want to make any real, sustainable income because you'll literally have a competitor in 24 hours. There are copy cats out there that are waiting for you to start a new "making money" related website so they can pounce on your idea.

But How Would You Remedy
A Situation Like This?.. How Can
You Protect Yourself?

It's actually quite simple, you need to create rich multimedia based courses and products in little known markets that these people will never see or hear about. That's how you make your income under the radar and collect a hefty pay check every month.

But how do you create rich, multi media based courses that not only sound professional but impress your customers?

Until today, the only way to create a multimedia course has been to buy expensive recording software, teleprompter software, and hire professional programmers to create a user friendly way to present the whole thing...

Thanks to Audio Niche Riches, you'll be able to turn out amazingly content rich audio courses that turn the heads of your visitors, customers, and prospects in record time.

Audio Niche Riches is like a well greased super machine that never needs a break or a paycheck to crank out audio product, after audio product without you even having to read anything!

You'll Learn Why e-Books Have
Lost Their Effectiveness And How
They Can Actually Be HARMING
Your Business...

There are literally hundreds of thousands of e-Books all over the internet now. The internet is literally flooded with garbage e-Books so it's hard to even prove your e-Book has any value, let alone make it stand out as an incredible product! You need to create something unique and that's where Audio Niche Riches makes your job easy as pie.

Isn't creating an audio set a complicated and expensive process that requires not only loads of money but hours of complicated work?

Ohh no, it's the complete opposite with Audio Niche Riches....

Audio Niche Riches will show you how to make beautiful audio products out of any of those eBooks cluttering up your hard drive using simple, cheap, and powerful software...

Have you ever wanted to create an audio product but just don't think you can pull it off? You absolutely can! You'll be popping out product after product quickly, easily and in record time.

Imagine having your own line of interactive audio products that you sell to select niche markets know one even knows about that rake in gobs of sales every day...

You'll be way ahead of the crowd of people selling e-Books, newsletters, and monthly membership'll be interacting with your customer on a personal level! Through their ears.

Let's face it, the internet is going interactive. Internet users want to go to a site and watch video and rich audio content because it's so much more fun than boring old e-Books and text websites.

Think about it, which would you rather a boring e-Book or listen to a content rich audio course? That answer is simple!

Audio Niche Riches Will Show
You How To Harness All Of The
Top Secret Revenue Options In
Audio For Maximum Profit!

Writing is a laboring task. It takes days or weeks to plan and even longer to actually write. It's a grueling process that most people just don't have time for. That's where Audio Niche Riches and Private Label rights make an All Star team!

You load a Private Label or Source Code product into the software we are about to train you on and BAM, out pops a deluxe audio version of the product that you can sell for 30 times more than the about easy product creation!

There are many more ways to make money selling rich audio than just in website based audio form! There is a special section in the Audio Niche Riches course that exposes all of them so you know exactly how to rip the maximum amount of cash from your audio products.

You won't be left holding an audio product wondering what to do with it!

You're also going to learn top secret methods to use the audio super giant iTunes to YOUR advantage to generate traffic!

iTunes is undoubtedly the number one Mp3, Podcast and Video provider on the internet. They generate millions of dollars in sales every day and are ripping through marketplace. Wouldn't you like to get in on a piece of that?

Now you can using the secret strategies in this special section of Audio Niche Riches! You'll be generating loads of traffic that doesn't cost you a thin dime in no time.

Let me reveal to you what's inside this new video series..

"Here's Just A Sample Of What
You Will Get Today!"

Video #1 - Introduction

video tutorials

In video one youll get a detailed introduction to the program. If youve been involved in internet based commerce for even a short period of time youll probably have accumulated quite a few articles and eBooks that are cluttering your hard drive but arent making you any money. This video will introduce you to the system by which these text documents can be converted into audio files and how you can use them to start generating more revenue.

Video time: 1:49

Video #2 - The Problems
With eBooks

video tutorials

Video two starts off by explaining the various uses and applications of articles and eBooks in ecommerce. It then explains some of the problems associated with articles and eBooks in a market already swamped by literally millions of these products. Finally, it then goes on to suggest a sort of recycling of the eBooks that you own the rights to by converting them to audio books.

Video time: 2:52

Video #3 - Planning Your
Audio Set

video tutorialsIn video three youll learn how to split your article or eBook into different audio files to comprise a larger audio set. If you dont have an eBook already written youll learn where to go to buy the rights to material that youll be able to use for your own benefit. Finally, youll be taken on a visual walk through of how to split your eBook into various sections for use as audio material.

Video time: 4:08

Video #4 - The External Program

video tutorials

In video four youll learn where to purchase text to voice conversion software. In addition, youll be shown how to add on alternate voices to make your audio products stand out from the competition. All of these products are very inexpensive but once purchased can be used over and over again with all your audio products.

Video time: 2:26

Video #5 - Collecting The
Raw Data

video tutorials

Video five takes you step by step through the process of creating your raw material to be implemented into the text to audio conversion software. Youll also be shown the limitations of audio to text conversion and given some great tips on how to overcome them.

Video time: 3:34

Video #6 - Translating
Into Audio

video tutorials

* Now that weve put together our raw documents were ready to convert them from text to audio. In video six youll be taken step by step through the process of converting the raw documents into sound files using TextAloud technology. In addition, youll be given some tips to fine tune your audio recordings and ensure theyre of the highest quality and standard.

Video time: 4:19

Video #7 - Collecting The Generated MP3s

video tutorialsIn video seven youll be get to hear an example audio file created using this system. Youll also learn how to collect all of your audio files and put them into a single folder so they can be used to generate revenue.

Video time: 1:50

Video #8 - Revenue Options

video tutorials

By the end of video eight youll understand all of the many ways to generate revenue using your newly created audio products. Youll also be given some tips and suggestions of additional software you can use to make marketing your products even easier. Finally, youll be shown a complete product and how its being marketed, which you can draw many ideas from for use with your own products.

Video time: 3:43

Video #9 - Using iTunes To Generate Traffic

video tutorials

In video nine youll be given some additional examples of how to market your product as well as learn how to convert your introductory audio file into a podcast which can be posted on iTunes and used to lure potential customers into your site.

Video time: 3:03

Video #10 - Summary And Conclusion

video tutorials

First off, in video ten youll be given a brief summary of each of the previous sections and given a few more tips for each. The series wraps up with a discussion about the future of this technology and how it can be used to generate profits far into the future.

Video time: 1:57

Bonus Gift Free One Month Membership in Private Label Wholesaler

Your Very Own Highly Lucrative Private Label Book Wholesaler Membership Site. Youll get your own site just like a real site that has been proven month after month to produce real earnings!

And should you decide to continue with your membership in Private Label Wholesaler simply stay after your free month and you will continue to have access for the low fee of just $97 a month.

Are You Ready To Jump On The
Bandwagon And Start Creating Rich
Audio Based Products With A
Minimum Investment Of Time?

..Or Are you going to let your competitors coming to the forefront of multimedia pass you by?

When you see the content in these amazing videos you're not going to be able to sleep tonight. They are nothing short of amazing and I guarantee there is no easier way to create audio products on the internet...

You deserve to have a line of professional audio products making you income month after month without dozens of hours of development time!
It's your turn to cash in on the new multimedia craze and increase your income today!

The time to start is right here, right now! Don't wait and get left behind!

Now this video set is going to change the way that you have pictured doing business online...

Until today 99 of all the money making garbage out there has sold you on "creating and e-Book" to make money online....hogwash

"How Much Would This All
Be Worth To You?"

Ok, forget everything you've read so far... honestly don't think of anything else on this page... quit wondering about the price... whether 'all this is true'... everything...

Just ask yourself one question...

Aside from all the testimonials that you read talking about the explosion in profits people experience when they use these techniques, what if you could just make an extra $100 a day with Audio Niche Riches... what would you do?

What if you got the worst results out of anyone who has bought this product, and only made an extra $100 a week?

Would an extra $400 a month be worth investing a one time payment of $297 - $147 - $99 measily bucks? Can you justify spending $97 to see your income soar?

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