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Database error in the night from Thu to Fri - fixed

Posted by puzzler 
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Database error in the night from Thu to Fri - fixed
March 05, 2010 09:20AM
Folks, just a short heads up on the errors some of you were experiencing in the last 6 hours:

One of our database servers stopped responding properly right after 1 am (US east coast time) and some buyers were unable to retrieve their merchandise. Some merchants also saw outdated data in the member area. We have identified and fixed the problem and are now back to normal operations.

Sorry for the hassle - that stuff only happens, when I am on the road hot smiley

If you still face any kind of problems, do not hesitate to email our support team at tickets(at)tradebit.com but give us up to 24 hrs to respond. Lot of stuff going on and the weekend is coming up!