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Problem with payout

Posted by diablo999 
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Problem with payout
November 25, 2009 12:57PM
hi all,today tradebit payed me..good..BUT i have received only 12$ ! why this?

watch this sales:

Tradebit 21.11.2009 Completed File 32075469
AWESOME Autohits script! (Sale USD 25.00)
(You USD 18.75)

Tradebit 21.11.2009 Completed File 9038181
Email sender (Sale USD 0.70)
(You USD 0.53)

Tradebit 22.11.2009 Completed File 33797252
Flooder (Sale EUR 0.50)
(You EUR 0.38)

Tradebit have made a mistake?

18.75$ + 0.70$ + 0.38$ = 19.66$ not 12$

Please help me sad smiley

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Re: Problem with payout
November 25, 2009 02:33PM

please log in and go to this page:


to see that there is a CHARGEBACK of 10$ - makes -7.50 of the payout today:

19.66$ - 7.50 = 12,16

and the difference is put on your next payout.

CHARGEBACKS are directly deducted from the weekly payout and the revenue put on the next.

See your open payout at the bottom?

Open pay out: 7.5 USD

coming up next wednesday!

It is all visible on that statistics page... we make pretty sure that there are no calculation errors!


* edited for typos

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Re: Problem with payout
November 25, 2009 08:48PM
yes in the topic i dont haved included the chargeback,ok next week payout: 7,5$

thanx for the information