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Paypal, step by step

Posted by puzzler 
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Paypal, step by step
March 24, 2005 06:44PM
After repeated questions about how to start selling, here our favourite step by step again:

1.) login to your "MyTradebit" section

2.) Click on "Sales" -> then on the left -> "Paypal config"

3.) Choose "Option 1" and "Don't save ANY other..." and save that

4.) Copy your personal IPN URL
(is up there and looks like

=> copy yours)

5.) Open PayPal and log into your account. Go to the
"Profile" section there.

6.) Choose the "Instant Payment Notification" on the Profile
Overview Page... if you do not have that menu entry, you might
have to upgrade your PayPal account (which is free).

7.) Activate your PayPal IPN and Paste the URL in the field
=> save that, you are done!

The tutorial "How to PayPal" shows that:



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Re: Paypal, step by step
June 17, 2005 02:30PM
What do I do in in Step 3, there is no Option 1 to check? That is my problem, as I've posted elsewhere.

Re: Paypal, step by step
June 18, 2005 06:09AM
hello david,

puzzler has changed that page about 2 weeks ago and just left 1 option for us to click smiling smiley

all you have to do is saving your only option on that page!