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file sales process revisited

Posted by puzzler 
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file sales process revisited
May 04, 2005 05:18PM
After we got some questions regarding the PayPal process, here what we answered:

If you sell files, you have to register your paypal
email in the profile section afterwards!

The process for your customers is:

1. you have configured paypal like shown in the tutorial
video (http://www.tradebit.com/_tutorial/paypalconf/paypalconfig.html)

2. you upload and sort your files

3. customers come and purchase:
=> paypal allows them to pay with any credit card, if they
do not have a PayPal account (delete your cookies to see that)

4. paypal calls our system, our system checks back with paypal
(=very secure procedure)

and if the payment reached your account, the customers get
a download code...

Thats the process!