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Best of 2009 - Questions and postings

Posted by puzzler 
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Best of 2009 - Questions and postings
December 15, 2009 08:36AM
Here some snippets of infos, we have added in the past weeks and months:

First, there is a FAQ page for the beginners: [www.tradebit.com] <= here

Then the Google Checkout question:

"An interesting aspect of selling via your own domains is also not mentioned often enough: Selling with Google Checkout!

Once you have setup your Google Checkout ID in the member area of tradebit, you can sell on your own pages with a simple link that looks like:
http : / / www .tradebit .com/indexNew.php/paymentarea/googleCheckoutWithOneItem/[FILE ID] (example)

and gives you a direct payment option via Google Checkout example:
[www.tradebit.com] "

and all the little highlights of 2009:

we went spanish: [www.tradebit.com]

then italian: [www.tradebit.com]

earlier we got the new layout: [www.tradebit.com]

after we got the easy admin: [www.tradebit.com]

introduced some copyright protection methods: [www.tradebit.com]

and besides all that we also imported the actual charts songs just a few days ago: [www.tradebit.com]

That (and many unmentioned things more) was a lot of work for one year and we are in clean up mode now, as you can read on the blog. In January there will be a lot of new things coming for all of us and I will be out of the office for the next days - working from a little hotel room with ocean view to warm up and get some coding done!
Re: Best of 2009 - Questions and postings
January 04, 2010 01:12PM
Can you add Alertpay.com as a payment option?
Re: Best of 2009 - Questions and postings
January 05, 2010 01:21PM
hi softbank - we will add new payment methods asap! but alertpay is not an option for us at the moment!