Stock Photo uploads
May 05, 2011 04:42PM
Hi everyone

I'm new to tradebit, having just heard about it a week or so ago. I'm a freelance photographer in Florida and would like to sell royalty-free stock photos and stock video clips here. Looks like a cool platform and I've heard great things about tradebit.

Anyway, my questions are about stock photo uploads.

First, I've noticed that many sellers offer a variety of resolutions of each photo they sell. Is there a way to upload the highest resolution version and then have the smaller resolution photos created automatically when they are purchased and downloaded? Or do you just upload each resolution picture separately?

Secondly, are captions, tags, etc, able to be added before uploading and then imported from the uploaded files, or do you have to add the file info after uploading in the admin area?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks a lot

Brian Cleary/bcpix
Re: Stock Photo uploads
May 05, 2011 08:57PM
hi brian,

glad you found us! I hope I can answer your questions here:

    [*] Different sizes: We had a feature live, called "versions", that we disabled again after it caused a lot of confusions. We are currently do not offer an on-server resize function on payment. But if you have a lot of pictures to import, we can help you with that and maybe hook you up with the hidden "versions" functionality. How many photos do you have and what are the resolutions you want to offer them in? Like 2-3?

    [*] Captions and tags: The very best way to get a lot of pictures online is the bulk import in the POWER ADMIN section. That functionality takes a tab delimited list you can copy from Excel or similar program and paste it there. The steps would be to first upload all products, the preview pictures (watermarked, eg) and then create a list with the captions and tags along the file names. That way we can bulk import thousands of products.

If you want to discuss more details with us directly, just shoot me an email to puzzler(at)tradebit(dot)com


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Re: Stock Photo uploads
May 08, 2011 02:30PM
Thanks Ralf

I am getting my stuff organized and seem to have figured out a few things to get me moving in the right direction.

As soon as I have a better idea of exactly what I want to do, I will probably drop you an email.

Thanks again for your quick response!

Brian Cleary