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Change to AlertPay -

Posted by mantra 
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Change to AlertPay -
May 11, 2011 02:54AM
Hi Ralf,

Cheers there!

Was trying to change my payout option to Alertpay, but didnot find any such options in the Profile tab. Then checked the forum posting to realize that one has to manually request to change the payout to Alertpay.

I have send you an email in this regard, please check.

We have been requesting for an alternative payout for around 2 years now, and glad that you have included Alertpay as the 2nd payout method. But please make it an automatic process rather than a manual one, and give us options to change between payout methods in the Profile tab.

We surely like to control the amount of money that goes into our accounts.

Paypal has been implementing almost impossible restrictions on all Indian Paypal accounts, like we have to withdraw all the money within a week, provide purpose code for money coming in, give all the tax details for each withdrawal, and so on & on....And there are more restrictions to come in coming weeks too, and we are very unhappy about it!!

So an alternative payout method has become an absolute must, and so is the ability to switch between paypal and alertpay automatically.

It has been very surprising for us merchants to see that you have taken into consideration and implemented all the valid suggestions and feature changes from us merchants except the Payout issue, which has been lingering for years now.

Payout options are very important for us, as a few of the merchants have been requesting it for a while. Hopefully you'd give due importance to this request and implement the necessary changes.

Thank you, and sorry it is a long post.
Re: Change to AlertPay -
May 11, 2011 06:39AM
hi mantra,

i am partially aware of the indian restrictions here on paypal. I will change your payout to alertpay, but be aware that the payout to alertpay is a pain for us, so it takes some time and is not as regular as paypal. we have to fill that account up manually once in a while and then pay out. We must automate that, I know confused smiley

Re: Change to AlertPay -
May 11, 2011 01:44PM

Please make it automatic. Please give an option in the Profile tab to choose between Paypal or Alertpay so that we can choose which account to get payed for the week (as it was the case when you implemented the credit card payout method)

Hope you'll implement it fast.

Cheers there!
Re: Change to AlertPay -
May 11, 2011 03:21PM
hi mantra,

the option is NOW available in the member area! Please note that the payout to Alertpay is delayed by 1 week. Means if you would get 20$ via paypal, you get that money one week later via Alertpay...

Since we are very fast with the payouts, I hope this is a viable alternative for those who can not or do not want to work with paypal...

Thanks to Chris over at Alertpay to contact me directly and encourage me to implement it after reading here on the forum :-)

Alertpay is: [www.alertpay.com]


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Re: Change to AlertPay -
May 12, 2011 12:00PM

Thanks for implementing it. So, its all automatic now, right? No need to request manually if I were to shuffle between Alertpay & Paypal ?

That was very proactive from alertpays side. Can I have Alertpay Chris's email? I'd like to clarify with him a few things regarding Indian accounts!!

Thanks again!!
Re: Change to AlertPay -
May 12, 2011 01:58PM
hi, yes - it is automated, just one week delayed... do me a favor and not switch it every 2 days, otherwise we have to move money back and forth if merchants do that all the time...

mail me, so i can forward your request to him... do not want to post emails here...

Re: Change to AlertPay -
May 16, 2011 10:11PM
Finally an aternative payout to paypal...hope it goes well thumbs up
Re: Change to AlertPay -
June 01, 2011 06:18AM
Today was the second time we paid merchants via AlertPay.. I think that all works fine... any comments?

Re: Change to AlertPay -
June 01, 2011 01:31PM
Yup..all works fine thumbs up

Comments would be, may be in due course of time you might want to consider paying without the additional weeks delay . May be? Other than that everythings just fine